Special Technology Report: I Am FLYING Now That I've Got the NEW GTD® And Blackberry® Setup Guide!

Last year, I wrote about how grateful I was to have finally implemented David Allen's Getting Things Done into my life.

I am now showing my immense my gratitude for the NEW GTD® & BLACKBERRY® SETUP GUIDE.

I know you're probably addicted to your phone, but I  use mine to manage my life as well as write to deadline.

Isn't that awesome?!

I had a different phone up until recently that was set up so that I could really manage the hell outta my life (Being a full-time freelancer, I am the CEO, admin assistant and gopher).  I also wrote half of my book on it (I wrote about it too)!

When it finally died, I got a Blackberry® and tried to set up GTD® by myself on it, but I never felt that I got it right.

I noticed the difference right away: I wasn't being as productive as I knew I could be, things were slipping through the cracks and my mind was overloaded with trying to remember all that I had to do.

All things that, once you've read Getting Things Done® by David Allen and start applying it to your life, doesn't happen.

So when I got a notice that there was a NEW GTD® And Blackberry® Setup Guide, I knew that my life was just about to change.


Oh, and what a relief it is.

Not only am I back on track, but I feel AHEAD of things!

How often can you say you that?!

This easy-to-read, easy-to-follow 45-page guide (once purchased, it's emailed as a PDF file, which you can save and/or print) is just what I needed.  And it took just minutes to set everything up.

Phew! Because you don't want to spend all Sunday working your way through a guide, of all things...

It goes through the Essentials - the basics of GTD®, syncing and browser tips, etc. The most fascinating part of the essentials was that these little changes have made A HUGE DIFFERENCE!  I set up side convenience keys (p. 3), moved my icons (p. 5) and increased my font size (p. 9) and just with those 3 little things, I upped my productivity in seconds!

There is a section on Email, which is something that I continue to struggle with (I spent the last couple of days getting my inbox from over 4,000 emails down to 250). I have got these pages in front of me and will work getting my inbox to zero this week. In the meantime, the guide had me tweak things so that this will be easier from now on (thank goodness!).

Working with Tasks was my favourite section.  This is what I've needed all this time to Get More Done on this phone!  It took just a few minutes to follow all of the instructions - change the settings,  set up the categories - and in a few minutes, I'd entered the major things I need to work on. I just love how all of the things I have to do are now categorized and easy-to-follow. It gets rid of a lot of the stress I've been carrying around about them.

I had a ton of fun with the Managing your Calendar portion of the Guide. I really changed up how I record things.  I really got the difference between Time-specific vs. Day-Specific actions and entered in a bunch of items that have already made a dent in my workload!

I would have never used MemoPad before reading this guide. Now thanks to Using the MemoPad section, it's on my Home Screen and I can load in information as I go - books I want to read, vacation ideas, etc.

I feel calm about everything now. Because it's all recorded in the best possible way.

I told you it was a great system!

And now I've got it with me whether I'm at home or on the go.

Which means, I can relax because I know everything that I've got to do and when.

Do you?

[Please note: GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company. The knack is not affiliated with or endorsed by the David Allen Company.]

Stephanie Dickison

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