Special Technology Report: HTC TyTN – The Pocket PC Phone That’s Going to Rock Your World

Being a writer, I love being able to jot down notes wherever I am, and thanks to the Rogers HTC TyTN, I can do it all with a full sliding keyboard (with good size keys!), put it into word and then either download directly to my computer when I get home or email it while I’m waiting in line at the bank!

But you don’t have to be a writer to enjoy all of the applications of this incredible tool. Even if you just like to stay in touch with friends and family, you can sync your Outlook at home with the TyTN and have all of your contacts, appointments and emails at the ready! Want to dial your friend Darren? Just start to key in his number and if he’s in your contact list, it’ll come up right away. Just press ‘talk’ and you’ll be discussing the latest Die Hard flick in no time! And if you want, you can put him on speaker- its built-in/dual and hands free.

The size (11.3 x 5.8 x 2.2 cm) and weight (176 grams) make it easy to carry with you and the talk and standby times (talk: 300 minutes – standby time 240 hours) allow you to travel with it without worrying about running out of battery power. This means you can roam anywhere in the world and with high-speed internet access, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, you can work anywhere as well.

And transferring files and synching between the TyTN and your computer is simple and only takes mere moments. I love having everything up to date so quickly!

In terms of memory, it’s got 64MB SDRAM with an expansion slot that holds a micro SD memory card, but I found that I was able to load it up with a host of pictures, videos, music, email and documents and never had to worry about deleting stuff to make room for more.

The screen quality is wonderful and large compared to some other PDAs – 240 x 320 with 65,536 colours. This means that when you’re looking at videos and pictures, you can see the different hues of violet in the sky and the creases of dark and light green in your girlfriend’s dress.

One of my very favourite things about the TyTN is that its large screen worked both in landscape and portrait mode, so if you wanted to view a picture, you could see it in landscape and then turn it and email in portrait mode. It’s one smart cookie, the TyTN, and changed views seamlessly - I never had to wait for it to figure out what it was doing.

My other favourite part of the TyTN is the camera. Actually, cameras. Yep. It’s got 2 of them. The main is a 2-mega pixel with macro shooting and flash light and a second colour CIF camera - you can use the secondary camera for video telephony!

There are so many different settings on the camera – you can reduce/eliminate red-eye, adjust for sunlight and also use the flash when needed. You can use the camera either in portrait or landscape mode and if using in the landscape mode, they’ve included a button so that you click on it like you would an older camera – right up at the top. What fun! I clicked on a feature that allowed me to take 5 pictures in a row so that you get your own little virtual flip book of photos – how cool is that?!

So, whether you’re using the TyTN for work or for play, it will be a favourite accessory that quickly turns into a necessity.

I know I don’t want to live without it!

Available at Rogers Stores across Canada and at Rogers online.

Stephanie Dickison

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