Note It! - Pretty Ways to Capture Your Thoughts with Chronicle Notebooks & Oh Joy! Noteblock

School starts tomorrow and fall is on its way.

September is my New Year, the way January 1st is for most people.  Perhaps because I'm lucky enough to live in a city where I experience the change of the seasons, this change also happens within me. It's like my internal clock clicks on as soon as September hits, and suddenly I'm filling boxes for donation and my recycle bin overflows with old papers.

As if I were getting ready to go back to school, I guess.It helps that I love stationery and being organized.

Here are 3 fun ways to take notes:

Sure, you could get a notebook with white pages, but come on - that's so 2003.

Walls (pictured above) offers you 160 pages of photographs of walls, every kind of wall that you can think of, in which to draw or record your thoughts. 

It is a "lay-flat flexi-bind paperback," so you can write and draw in it with ease.

The photographs of Sherwood Forlee are incredible.I like the ATM page juxtaposed with the white brick wall page. It lends itself to creating a mystery tale, don't you think? There's an aluminum door with 2 trash cans beside it up against a salmon-y brick wall across 2 pages. It looks like the back of a club to me. Imagine all that goes on there! And of course I love the subway pages - who doesn't want to graffiti a subway without breaking any laws? Ooh...

Draw and write your way across cinder blocks, hidden doorways, down alleys and gasp, on a restaurant's facade!

Guaranteed you'll never come across a notebook like this.

It's a truly original idea and a fantastic gift for the creative person in your life.  

Around this time last year, I wrote about the lovely and completely oh joy! office products that I now can't live without.

You will be able to recognize the oh joy! line by the beautiful soft colours and delicate floral designs that Joy Deangdeelert Cho creates.


A couple of years ago, I discovered the incredible usefulness of have a noteblock on my desk. Instead of using the tiniest scraps of paper I could find, I use this and boy, does it change how efficiently I do work. It sounds crazy, but it's true. This one tool alone increased my productivity and I completely got rid of my scrap piece of paper habit.  I even cured my parents of their scrap habit, by giving them a noteblock earlier this year. Decades of them using scraps beside the phone has been completely obliterated. They love their new system!

The beauty of the oh joy! Noteblock is that is functional, but it's oh-so-pretty, which is much better than those industrial looking things you get at the big box office supply store.

Nu uh.

You want everything on your desk to represent your style and personality, don't you?

And to help keep your desk uncluttered, Joy has thoughtfully added a little storage drawer.

Ooh, this is cool!

This old-fashioned, yet somehow modern notebook allows you to:

- Write out your lists on wonderfully organized forms.  Check off whether it's "to buy" or "to do," then tear it off cleanly using the perforation and take your list with you.

- Blank ledger pages can also be torn off. Work out your budget, list gifts given and received and keep track of anything and everything (perhaps list when your library books are due, create steps in a recipe or record all the tasks that you want to do by month or season).

- Blank lined pages allow you to journal and take notes. With perforated edges, you can place these where you need them.

This is one of the best multipurpose notebooks I've ever come across, so don't be surprised if you get addicted to recording your information like this.

It's wonderful!

Happy Writing.

Stephanie Dickison

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