Get Organized For Fall with Wonderful Products From FileItBox & Chronicle Books!

Doesn't it seem like you have more papers to organize than ever before? Weren't we supposed to be paperless by now?

And what about all the stuff that now fills up your days and nights? When did scheduling get so darn complex?

I've got the solution for both these problems. They are quick, easy and painless and after just a few moments, you are going to feel immediate relief. Just imagine, you can finally get organized and not have to worry about all those piles of paper to be sorted anymore!

Yes, it's really that easy, and you're very welcome.


The biggest problems with filing are:

- making the time to do it, and
- having the proper place and system for everything

With the FileItBox, not only can you finally sort all of your papers, but you can transport them too!

I like the FileItBox system for a number of reasons:

- they are slim (unlike those unwieldy banker's boxes), so you can actually fit them on your bookshelves and in between things without having them take up the whole room

- they come in various sizes - 4 x 8, Letter and Legal - so you can pick what works for your needs and your space

- they are covered so you can store items other than boring tax files in them - store your photos, recipes, old love letters, etc. in them and keep them protected

- if you choose not to use the cover, you can use them as open file boxes and storage, doubling the amount you can stash away

- they have this great strap that you can attach or leave off, which means you can take your papers to the office, accountant or while you travel

- they are incredibly affordable, which means you can actually get organized for once in your life and stop living amongst the piles

And trust me - when you have these wonderful boxes in hand, you won't be able to stop yourself from taking all those papers off your desk and filing them away!

Oh Joy!

Now that you've got those wonderful file boxes, you're going to want some pretty file folders to go in 'em (why are you still using boring manila files?).

Oh Joy! is one of those lines that once you see the quality of the products and how pretty Creator Joy Deangdeelert Cho has made each and every item, you will go back to it time and again. I just love everything she puts her hands on.

Take the Oh Joy! File Collection, for instance. It comes with 9 signature metallic foil-stamped file folders - in 3 designs (!!), 3 hanging file folders, tabs and labels and a large, clear storage case (complete with matching stenciled flower design, natch).

She's thought of everything! Can you think of any other designer who so thoughtfully put together file folders AND hanging folders?

Me neither.

And everything is oh-so-pretty. Even her file folder labels are delicately embellished with a robin's egg blue print!


And for the most beautiful envelopes EVER, you've got to get yourself the Oh Joy! Mailers.

Instead of using awful post office manila envelopes, switch to these beauties! At 9 x 14-1/2 inches, you can send your manuscripts, headshots or whatever it is you send through the mail with these 16 gorgeous envelopes. There are 4 designs on a pad so just tear one off as you need them. It's a nice

Sending out your resume has never looked better.

A Year in Japan Birthday Book

Writer and Illustrator Kate T. Williamson graduated from collage and accepted a postgrad fellowship in Kyoto, Japan for a year. She captured the sights and sounds in sweet, gentle drawings that evoke the Japanese lifestyle for a number of different books. Whether she is simply drawing a persimmon on a rock, a lineup of socks or a bento box, Kate has this incredible gift for making each item she draws feel incredibly special and sentimental.

It's no wonder she has such an ardant following - me included.

Years ago, I got a perpetual calendar because I couldn't stand the thought of another December or January or having to transfer all of my birthdays into yet another calendar. Now, I just flip to each month and add or remove dates as needed. It only takes the one time of writing it down and you never have to do it again.

However, mine is boring and utilitarian. When I saw Kate had done one, I knew this was THE PERFECT ONE.

Compact, but with lots of room to write (thank you, Kate!), this little hardcover should not be kept in your desk drawer but on your desktop where you can see it. Each month is richly illustrated (swoon) and tabbed so you can go right to the month of your choosing, quickly and easily.

This is a great way to stay on top of birthdays, anniversaries and other special events (my fella and I even celebrate a moveversary - the date we moved in with one another!) without any effort on your part. In fact, you don't have to worry about being organized at all - this book does it all for you!

And so freaking beautifully, thanks to Kate T. Williamson.

The Year in Japan Birthday Book makes a wonderful gift and really does make life so much easier.

Laurel Denise 2010 Yearly Planner

I knew of the very pretty Laurel Denise jewelry line, but I had no idea designer Laurel Smith could do such things on paper!

Each year, I search for the perfect planner, the one that encompasses enough room for both a monthly and weekly view and a place to write down everything else. For decades, it's been hard to find it all in one place - until the Laurel Denise 2010 Yearly Planner, that is.

The book is desk size - 11 x 8-1/2 inches, so you can refer to it constantly as you tap away at the keyboard (I can't be the only one doing this). With 12 rounded-tab month sections and 52 half-page week sections, you can always easily get to the date you need. As well, the way it's designed, you can view your week and month AT THE SAME TIME!


It really is amazing and why no one thought of this until now, I have no idea, but I am awfully grateful to Ms. Smith for coming up with this beauty.

And beautiful indeed. White pages are filled with simple boxes and a feminine, thin font, so you are left with lots of room to write.

And write you will, because in addition to the month and week, she includes a to do list opposite your planning pages, so that you can jot notes and important information as you need to. There are also 4 pages of perforated to-do lists at the back and places to make lists of books to read, restaurants to check out, etc. Big rounded pockets on the inside front and back covers allow you to stash all of those annoying little scraps of papers, receipts, etc. that are constantly finding their way to you.

No longer will you have to keep 3 or 4 notebooks and planners on your desk (if your desk is anything like mine, you simply don't have the room!).

The Laurel Denise 2010 Yearly Planner is an instant organizer.

You won't believe how much until you see it for yourself.

Stephanie Dickison

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