Razorpit Saves Money & the Environment

I don't know if this is TMI, but I shave my legs every other day.

I just like that smooth, silky feeling as much as possible, so you can imagine how many razors I go through.**

Just released in Canada, the Danish-designed Razorpit allows you to actually extend the life of your razors, saving you money and the environment from unnecessary waste.

Apparently Canadians spend "over $250 million every year on razor blades alone." Just imagine what the US number must be.

The Razorpit is made out of Thermo Plastic Elastomeric, which you've already used  - toothbrush handles, your cell phone buttons, cooking utentils, etc. - so you know it can stand up to a lot.

Running your razor over the mat with a little bit of shaving cream a few times gives your razor new life and longevity, cleaning away any dirt, residue and hair on the blades and giving you a closer shave for longer.

So I can keep my shaving regimen and use the same razor.
How amazing is that?

If you (or your fella/gal) use a razor, it just makes sense to get the Razorpit.

**Yes, I've tried waxing, sugaring and various epilation devices. They're a little barbaric for my sensitive self. My dream is to be hairless (in all the proper places, obviously) like many celebrities. Imagine not ever having to worry about it again? Sigh...

Stephanie Dickison

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