Take a Break with Real Music CDs Like Karunesh's Path of Compassion

I am a big fan of Real Music CDs. So much so that I wrote about them awhile back and here I am singing their praises again.

I can't help it.

As much as I love hip-hop, rock, heavy metal and pop, I cannot get enough of the soft relaxing qualities that Real Music CDs offer.

Take their new release, Karunesh's Path of Compassion, for example.

Though it is a collection for "Yoga, Massage & Other Delights," I've been putting it on when I need to unwind at home.

After an extremely busy and stressful week, this soothing music has really done a lot to ease my body and mind. As crazy as it might sound, I actually feel my muscles unknotting, at least a little bit while the plinks and twangs take me away to a calm oasis.

And isn't that what you need these days? A little vacation away from your hectic life? And while I can't afford to take time off, I have found that Real Music CDs such as this one go a long way to making me feel a little more at ease and peace.

Find your peace amid the chaos with Real Music CDs.

Stephanie Dickison

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