Get a Beautiful Natural Look with Marcelle Minerals!

I love Marcelle Makeup and Skincare.
So much that I wrote about their skincare twice last year - incredible moisturizers and the AC-Solution line that treats acne and blemishes.

Now let's talk about their wonderful new Marcelle Minerals line - made with a micro-mineral, mica and clay blend, your skin gets a completely natural, healthy looking glow all without the weight of regular makeup.

In fact, you'll feel like you're not wearing any at all!

Start with the Powder Makeup.

Because it comes in this fantastically designed container, you don't have to worry about how much to put to on or creating a big, powdery mess, like with most mineral makeups.

Simply turn the 100% natural, oh-so-soft brush. Put the brush in upside down. Shake 3 times to get the powder through, and then shake off any excess. Apply with soft, circular motions and voila - you've got natural looking skin with a healthy glow. Don't be surprised if people think you've been away on holiday because you look so good, so natural, so relaxed!

Do the same with the Powder Blush. It gives you a lovely, soft pink hue that is incredibly flattering. I feel about 10 years younger with this blush on!

And be sure to dab on the Mineral Eye Shadow. It's easy with the foam applicator - just swipe and go! And because it's highly pigmented, a little goes a long way (you can layer it on for a more dramatic effect). I love the glamourous look it gives without any effort at all (Because you know what a makeup klutz I am. I need all the help I can get!).

And that goes for all the Minerals - they are so easy to apply that you can use them everyday for work, as well as for dressier occasions in the evenings.

If you want a beautiful natural look that feels absolutely weightless (ahhh!), get Marcelle Minerals.

Stephanie Dickison

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