Youthful, Radiant Skin is Possible, Thanks to Marcelle Skincare Moisturizers!

My Mom has been using Marcelle makeup for years and years, so when I discovered they had developed moisturizers for different skin types (and with new packaging to boot!), I couldn't resist the opportunity to try them out!

There are 3 - New-Age, Hydra-C and Essentials - all dedicated to work with your skin and problems that you want to address, whether it be aging, dryness or dullness.

And each is meant to work within your lifestyle. Each moisturizer has been created for a specific age group and type of woman:

Hydra-C is for the urban and active gal between 18 and 34. The moisturizer is enriched with a vitamin C and E complex so that your skin stays radiant and youthful. After using this, my skin looks freshly scrubbed and extremely vibrant - like a young girl ready to take on the world! And the gel-cream really hydrates. I feel like my skin is being nourished and moisturized as advertised, 24 hours a day.

The New-Age woman is over 35 and wants to keep herself looking young, so concentrated ingredients that firm the skin will make her happy. This is one of those creams that feels luxurious even upon application - I love how thickly it goes on, yet instantly sinks into the skin. And thanks to ingredients like shea butter, olive oil and soybean extract, your skin feels nurtured from morning 'til bedtime.

And for ageless, timeless care, it's all about the Essentials so whether you're 50 or older, this line will take care of your skin's needs no matter what time of day! This surprisingly light cream is jam packed with moisture - it feels so good on, you won't be able to start your day without it. And it's not greasy at all, which I truly appreciate! It's worked hard on my line and wrinkles (thank you, Marcelle!) and left my skin feeling soothed and incredibly supple. It actually makes me want to slather it everywhere!

So as you can see, Marcelle has really fantastic moisturizers that actually make a huge difference in your appearance. I am proof.

In fact, last week someone guessed my age at 26. And I'm 37!

So get a Marcelle moisturizer and have the young and supple skin of your youth.

It really is possible.

Stephanie Dickison

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