Do Your Party Up Right With EcoDiscoveries Cleaners, popchips, Baja Bob's Cocktail Mixes and Flings Bins!

We're throwing a going-away party on Friday for a neighbour of ours who is moving. Not far. Just down the street in fact. But she's lived so close for so long, it just seemed the right thing to do.

So this week I'll be scanning my cookbooks and recipe files for things to make, but in the meantime I've got some amazing party supplies that are going to help me along. To help make this a memorable and effortless affair.

**EcoDiscoveries Cleaners**

Before a party, I always clean the place from top to bottom. Actually, it's a great excuse to get the place in great shape.

EcoDiscoveries Cleaners are not only effective, but they are safe for both us and the planet. Their line of products includes something for every room in the house:

Clean the Bathroom Sink & Vanity, attack your Tub & Tiles, and get your Kitchen Counters & Appliances gleaming!

What I like so much about these is that they come with the concentrate and empty bottle and you swirl it into the bottle with water. You can refill the bottles by buying the concentrates when you run out, so you are not throwing away bottle after bottle.

I also like that they are safe to use around pets and there are no fragrances added, which many people are sensitive to.

I was also thrilled to discover that their Glass Streak Free Cleaner really is streak-free (many are not, despite their claims and exclamation marks), which means I can do a quick sweep of the house before company arrives and not worry about having to go over it all again because of smears and streaks.

Clean up safe, easily and economically with EcoDiscoveries Cleaners.


I wrote about popchips when they first came on the scene.

It was most definitely love.

And not just for me, but my friends and neighbours too.

They have 2 new flavours that are most definitely going to be at the party - cheddar and sour cream & onion.

They are light and tasty and guilt-free. It doesn't get much better than that.

**Baja Bob's Cocktail Mixes**

Also appearing at our party will be Baja Bob's Cocktail Mixes.

Not only are these mixes sugar-free, they are effort-free as well, as they come in these convenient little pre-measured packets. Talk about easy peasy! Just add the required amount of alcohol to the contents of the package, stir and voila - you've got yourself a damn fine drink - delicious and refreshing.

We tried the Margaritas, Mango Margaritas (nice twist on the classic) and Mudslides, and will be buying them as a regular staple for our bar from now on.

What I love about these single packets is that they don't take up a ton of room (Which is great, because have you seen our place? Two writers working out of their home alongside an 18-lb cat? Oy.) and they are pre-measured, so you can make a ton of drinks at one time in a snap.

Oh, and just look at how inexpensive they are.


**Flings Bins Pop-Up Trash & Recycling Containers**

Last weekend, my friend and neighbour had an amazing party where the place was packed with beautiful, interesting folks, great food and a vibe that was unlike any other I've ever experienced. It went until late in the morning and the poor girl had quite the cleanup job ahead of her.

Throughout the night, she was struggling with trying to get people to recycle their paper and plastic items but you know when a party is in full effect - you don't want to get all schoolmarmy on people. You want them to have a good time.

So people had a fantastic night, but she was left with huge black garbage bags full of stuff - recycling and everything else.

She needed Flings Bins Pop-Up Trash & Recycling Containers.

First of all, they are damn pretty, so you're going to want to have them out and be using them.

Second of all, they pop-up, so you can store and stash them until you need them, without taking up much room (see above - writers with big cat in small space).

There are different patterns and sizes, so that you can customize them to both your home and the occasion.

Thirdly, you can divide up trash and recycling instantly, without having to keep an eye on it and be distracted while you're trying to entertain and host.

Which is exactly what you want when you're throwing a party.

Flings Bins. They just make sense.

Stephanie Dickison

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