Want a Healthy, Yet Satisfying Snack? Get popchips Latest Flavours! They Taste Soooooo Good!

I don’t know about you, but if we’re watching a movie or television in the evening, I get the munchies big time.

Sometimes I’ll be good and have some baby carrots or pickles, but sometimes I crave the crunch and salt of chips.

But having chips in this day and age (and with my hips and my job of restaurant reviewing) just isn’t possible.

Or at least it wasn’t, until I found popchips!

See, they aren’t fried (Hello, calories!) or baked (Ech, what did they put in these?), so the all-natural popping creates that fantastic chip flavour that you crave, without all the heaviness or the calories (each 1 oz. serve is only 120 calories!).

They use only all natural safflower and/or sunflower oil so there’s no hydrogenated oil, trans fat, saturated fat, or preservatives. The chips themselves are composed of potatoes, organic white corn and whole grain brown rice, so you are getting real food that won’t make you fat!

They taste so fantastic, so real, that when the case arrived, I shared them with my neighbours, who confessed the next day to wolfing down the whole bag in one sitting. Mind you, these were the small bags, but you get the point – they taste damn good!

We all got hooked on different flavours. I love the newest flavours Salt & Pepper and Sea Salt & Vinegar, but truthfully, I snarfed down the Original and Barbeque just as heartily while my fella oohed over the Parmesan Garlic ones. Each neighbour had their favourites, but all chips were gone in less than 2 nights.


Good times. Good times.

Get your own popchips and see how good chips can taste without the fat and the calories!

Stephanie Dickison

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