Boob Tube - Who Doesn't Want a Little Extra Oomph?!

This might be too much information, but as a teenager I had no boobs.


I was as flat as crispbread and I didn't end up getting much of anything until I was 30-something. Talk about a late bloomer...

Now that I've got 'em, I want to keep them firm and as perky as possible for as long as possible. There is nothing worse than seeing a woman's breasts sag like oranges in a net bag. Eww.

That's why I am loving my Mama Mio Boob Tube! I wrote about their awesome Get Waisted Body Shaper not too long ago, and this breast cream works just the same. My breasts already look firmer and more supple and my neck has smoothed out completely!

I love about it is that it uses natural ingredients such as avocado oil, shea butter and CoQ10 and evening primrose oil to keep your skin moist and reduce the signs of aging. And there's no colourants, parabens, petroleum, phthlates, sodium laurel and laureth sulphate, synthetic fragrances or xenoestrogen to worry about. You're just getting the good stuff, along with better breasts.

Just apply once a day and watch the magic happen!

Stephanie Dickison

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