Travel In Comfort - And Style - Thanks to My Tagalongs!

I love a company that has a sense of humour - and My Tagalongs not only makes great products, but they are funny!

I wrote about them back at Christmastime, but they've got some new fun stuff AND A BRAND NEW WEBSITE that I thought you should know about!

Fun luggage tags are a must-have for traveling and this are fantastic. Not-Your-Bag Tags include 4 brightly-coloured plastic tags - Maybe Not, Guess Again, Don't Take Me and That's My Stuff - that tell people, "Hands Off!" 'Nuff said.

I am lovin' the Undercover Traveler! The supersoft aqua blanket (opens to 80 x 120 cm) not only keeps you warm and comfortable, but has a small pocket for your phone or mp3 player so that you can keep things close and have your hands free for flipping through magazines, having a drink or working on your computer. Awesome. An inflatable pillow goes into a pillowcase, allowing you to get a few much-needed zzz's without having to suffer neck kinks and crinks. The soft aqua mask that is emblazoned with "Do not disturb. I wake for food," lets you relax in style and comfort and the plush cream socks keep you warm and cozy whatever the temperature in the cabin.

This is the only way to travel, I think, and makes a wonderful gift for anyone who spends time of planes, trains, buses and the like.

For when you arrive at your destination, put on your Sunhat To Go! It comes in Beige and Black and packs small, so you can take it with you no matter how full your suitcase is. Now that's thinking!

My Tagalongs is one of those companies that you keep going back to because their products are fun and smart and fit into your life. See all the cool stuff that they have and make life better, easier and injected with some fun with just a few clicks.

Stephanie Dickison

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