Gifts For Everyone on Your List - Including the Dog!

For the Person Who Has Everything

The Flip Video Camcorder is a fantastic, inexpensive gift for the person that has everything!

It is a camcorder that is so easy to use, I was able to instantly make a video by simply taking it out of the box and pressing one button. You can even zoom, delete and do instant playbacks -no instructions or special technological knowledge needed!

You can record 60 minutes at a time, snap still photos from video and make custom movies (what a great Christmas present!). Simply hook it up to your computer and send videos to friends and family. You can also easily edit your film before sending it out, watch it on TV, get DVDs made, email videos or upload them online.

It comes in a host of pretty colours (I got one the pretty in pink one!) and is small enough to fit into a suit pocket or evening clutch.

Capturing moments and memories on film is surely someone with everything will appreciate!

Buy one - or ten here.

For the Chocoholic

Green & Black's Chocolate Unwrapped Cookbook is a decadent journey into the world of chocolate. And who better to do it than Green & Black's - the world's best chocolate makers. The photos alone will have you drooling.

The recipes cover every aspect of dining all the way from breakfast to dessert and aren't your typical offerings. Check these out:

Mexican Mole Muffins, Chocolate Beetroot Cake, Italian Venison Agrodolce, Cape Ginger Tipsy Tart and Deep-Fried Chocolate Nut Ice Cream Balls.

Oh my!

And to make the recipes, you'll want to get the range of bars - Butterscotch and Ginger are my faves with Cherry and Raisin & Hazelnut a close second.

And for great stocking stuffers, the miniatures are fabulous! I got some, but ate them all....

The great thing about Green & Black's is that not only is their chocolate of supreme quality, but it is, in the words of Founder & President, Craig Sams, "An ethical gift of decadence, indulgence and quality. We grow all out finest Trinitario cocoa on sustainable plantations. You are also giving a gift from a company committed ti premium, ethically-sourced organic chocolate."

So eat your chocolate and feel good about it! Now that's a true gift!

For The Wild Girl in the Bunch

We all have one - the girlfriend who stays out late (and over), who travels on a moment's notice and just her passport and phone, and who is hard to keep track off. She is the wild one in the bunch and that is just one of the many reasons we love her.

So get her the perfect gift that doesn't tie her down - My Tagalongs.

The Emergency Valet has everything she could possible need:

an eco-chic tote

little tin for her aspirin and whatever else she may need

pretty sticky notes that allows her to take down every number and email address that comes her way

crushproof tampon tube that is truly beautiful

And The Purse Hook-er is sure to keep her latest purse safe and up off the floor.

We can't say the same for her, but no doubt she'll text you to come and pick her up.

After all, isn't that what friends are for?!

For Your Favourite Fella

Not too long ago, I wrote about stealing my fella's Zirh Warrior Collection of shower gels. I couldn't help myself - they just smell sooo good.

And although they are incredibly enticing, I am allowing my sexy guy his own stuff for a change like Zirh Ikon Eau de Toilette. The ultra-manly fragrance is super sexy and woodsy. My guy puts it on and to be frank - it drives me w-i-l-d. It has made us late for dinner parties and events. It makes me want to do things in the back of cabs, restaurants and movie theatres. They should just call it "Sex Elixir."

And if you order now, you'll get a free Holiday Edition Zirh Body Bar. This festive soap is spice-infused with a shock of cinnamon. So he'll smell all warm and homey for you!

But don't surpised if you end up turning off the phones and just staying in bed all day....

For the Dog

There's nothing that says that you have to get your dog a present this holiday season, but wouldn't it be fun to include them in the festivities?

And with the Water Bottle Cruncher Dog Toy, they will have the time of their life crunching, munching and crackling on a fabric covered water bottle.

I gave mine to the Ripster (Rip, named after actor Rip Torn), my part Great Dane/Boxer/Rottweiler/German Shepherd/Golden Retriever and he went wild with it!

Now let me tell you - it can get a little rowdy and loud, but boy does he have fun.

It's also interactive so you and your pet can play together - throw it across the room, to the end of the yard or take it to the park for a little something extra to their exercise routine!

The wonderful thing about it - other than the joy they get from it - is that you can replace the bottle (up to 20 oz.) when it gets worn out and also make it a part of your recycling program!

The colourful caterpillar and cat are made from heavy duty canvas (thank goodness, because Rip can get through anything!), have a triple enforced Velcro enclosure and water bottle and are completely affordable.

I think it's a wonderful gift for your dog.

Rip thinks so too!

Stephanie Dickison

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