Winterize Yourself From Head to Toe with WinterTrax for Her, Crazy Rumours Lip Balm & Bootie Pies!

Okay, so it's no longer 30 below outside, but it's still awfully cold. Yesterday, on the way home from the farmer's market, my hands froze despite wearing wool gloves. Brrr!

So today I'm giving you ways in which to guard against the cold and the snow, the ice and the cold wind.

Good luck out there and remember - spring is on it's way!

WinterTrax for Her by Yaktrax

I wrote about WinterTrax awhile ago, but they've come up with a new feature just for us girls that I'm excited about - WinterTrax For Her!

This means that all of our high-heeled boots (are there any other kind?) can now be outfitted to keep us safe on sidewalks, driveways and other slippery surfaces, and we don't have to sacrifice fashion in order to walk the city streets. Woo woo!

The polyelastomer material stretches easily over your heels and can be removed and put on again quickly and because there are no sharp and pointy spikes, you can fold and put them away when they're not in use and not worry about stabbing or jabbing yourself.

Get a pair of WinterTrax for Her and rock the runway, I mean street, with your hottest, highest boots and be damned the ice, snow and sleet.

Just because it's cold doesn't mean you can't wear your high-heeled boots. Now.

Crazy Rumours Lip Balms

The worst part of winter dryness I experience is my lips. They dry, crack, flake and generally look pretty gross.

So I need a premium moisturizer on them AT ALL TIMES.

But a girl can get bored with plain ol' balm. You want something with a little pizazz, but at the same time, you don't want to douse your pucker in gross ingredients or harmful chemicals either.

Not only are Crazy Rumours lip balms all natural and vegan , they come in delicious flavours to keep things exciting and are made with organic shea butter and jojoba oil to keep your lips supple and moisturized, no matter what the wind chill factor!

And to really indulge without packing on the pounds, try the A La Mode Collection, the ice cream flavoured selections. I tried Banana Split, Pistachio and Mint Chocolate - all smelled (and tasted!) authentic and kept my lips soft and kissable. And they are only $4 each.

It's better for you and the environment and smells like ice cream. Can you say that about your current balm?

Toss that cheap petroleum stick that you got at the drugstore and get a bunch of Crazy Rumours Lip Balms. This is the good stuff right here.

Bootie Pies

The story goes:

"On a cold, snowy day, in a nail salon in New Jersey, three girls (sisters, in fact!) waited and waiter for their freshly polished toes to dry, Only then could they put their boots back on and brave the cold again.

They longed for a solution to the age-old problem of how to enjoy their favourite spa service in winter - and not freeze their booties off. It was on this December day that Bootie Pies were born!"

And really, it's a fab idea that deserves a little attention, don't you think? A suede and leather boot that transforms from what seems to be an ordinary winter boot to a warm and cozy, pedicure-friendly boot that allows you to dry your nails ompletely without worrying about smudging or mussing up your polish. Fantastic!

All you do is wear your Bootie Pies to the salon and when it's time for a pedicure, take them off, press the front flap down and slide your foot back into the boot, with your toes resting on the top of the flap. Presto!

The boots come in 4 great colours (I got Boysenberry) and each boot has a suede body, faux, but oh-so-warm sheepskin lining and a patent leather toe. They are available in sizes 5-11.

And you don't have to wear them only when you're heading to the salon. All last week when we had those blustery winds and below freezing temperatures, I wore mine to the grocery store and back and for a number of trips out to the library and bookstores.

They are cute, comfortable and super warm. Just what a gal in the city needs during the winter months!

Stephanie Dickison

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