Finally! A Gift Guide for The Hard to Buy! Stuck With What To Get? Check Out WinterTrax, Wild Africa Cream, The Dosh Wallet and Grid-It Notepads!

There are some people that are hard to buy for – whether they have very specialized interests or seem to have all that they need – and it makes it impossible for folks like us to get them something that will knock their socks off.

Well, I’ve done a little digging around and come up with some really interesting and intriguing stuff that I think may help you fill in the gap!

I hope it helps. Good luck!

Warmest wishes,

Stephanie Dickison
Publisher and Editor – the knack

WinterTrax by Yaktrax

Do you have a happy wanderer or adventurer on your list? Then look no further than WinterTrax by Yaktrax.

These slip-on snow and ice guards are easy to use – just slip over your shoe or boot – and light on your foot. They keep you steady on packed snow and ice, thanks to their high abrasion steel coils, so whether your ascending a steep hill or just stepping out to get the paper mid-storm, you can feel safe and stable on slippery surfaces!

They can be worn in temperatures as low as -41 degrees Fahrenheit, so you can wear them all the way up north if need be!

They have the seal of approval from the Canadian Physiotherapy association, so you can even give them to the elderly folks in your life to help reduce falls and injuries this winter.

And because they have coils instead of spikes, you don’t have to worry about injuring yourself while carrying them or taking them off.


Wild Africa Cream

Want something a little different for the holiday season? Then try South Africa’s new cream liqueur, Wild Africa Cream.

It was created in the famous Western Cape wine lands of South Africa and can now be had at the LCBO in a 750 ml bottle for $26.95.

Because it’s snowy and cold, you might not want your usual vodka tonic or Tom Collins. You might be in the mood for something warmer, thicker to keep you feeling good through the night.

Wild Africa Cream is thick, though light on the palate with a slight taste of caramel and a finish complete with a hit of heat.

It’s smoothness is thanks to a blend of Jersey cream and distilled sugar cane, and you don’t have it shake it before serving because, despite not having ant chemical preservatives or stabilizers, it doesn’t separate.

The bottle is covered in faux-leopard skin and topped with authentic African Ubuntu beadwork, giving it a very unique look for the holiday season, and the covering helps to keep it chilled, which I think is a nice added bonus.

So this holiday season, instead of dipping into the same ol’ egg nog, why not try something different? It’s a great way to head into the new year, don’t you think?

The Dosh Wallet

Sure a lot men get receive new wallets at this time of year, but how about something completely different?

The Dosh Wallet is a flexible wallet made from polymers that not only make it sturdy and long-lasting, but you’re guaranteed to have a wallet that looks unlike any other! (It’s also water resistant!)

I got one in bright orange and the interior storage area is black, making for a modern contrast and look! There are areas for credit cards, money and change, but the designers and manufacturers in Sydney, Australia went one step further and included areas for your keys, condoms (woo hoo!), SIM cards and even your security cards to let you in and out of the office.

Now that’s modern thinking.

And the area for your money accommodates all currencies so you can have Canadian, US and Euros and not have to cram or fold them into a teeny slot! Brilliant!

It feels really good and it is one of the most organized and well-thought out men’s wallets I’ve come across.

I think it’s really nice that men finally have something other than brown or black leather to choose from and one with a dedicated space for your condom?

‘Nuff said!

Grid-It Notepads

Never before have grids been so examined, explored and tried upon than at The Art of the Grid.

These notepads are no mere afterthought of a stationery item. At The Art of the Grid, it is all about how we intersect and interact with grids.

“Grids form as essential part of our lives. We may not always notice them, but their influence on what we see, hear and do is everywhere. Wherever plans have been called for in the building of objects, the division of areas, of the decoration of flat surfaces grids have been involved. The desire to bring order to the bewildering confusion of appearances reflects a deep human need. In this sense, they can be seen as metaphors for the human need to make sense of the world and to position ourselves in control of it. The grid is not a typographic device alone. The tension between chaos and order and its concomitant anxieties are present in all human activity, not just graphic design. From gridlock to sonnet structure, electricity to politics, dentistry to hopscotch, a journey down London's Oxford St. or any other street in any town, grids are everywhere. Grids, modules, and systems not only have practical applications, as a means to resolve complex design problems, but they also provide a sense of order and temporary respite from the most pressing and basic human fears and dilemmas.”

So you can imagine how great the Die Neue Typographie Grid-It Notepad is.

It’s based upon the one of the most typography books of the 20th Century, where sans serif type was used and asymmetric composition was balanced by the negative space.

So the thick cream paper (148 x 210 mm) has wide margins with a light blue column in the middle. There are 40 lines and 60 sheets in which to make your lists.

After having used it for awhile, I did come to realize the importance of the grid and enjoyed the feeling of organizational aptitude that it gave me.

And now with the new year approaching, and new found ideas and goals to be acted upon, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to track it on this pad.

I like that the principle of this pad is based on something from long ago.

Because despite emails, texts, faxes and the web, you still need somewhere to write something down.

With a really great pad and pen.

Stephanie Dickison

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