Buttoned Up Gets Me Organized & On Track with Their Beautiful & Easy-to-Use Products!

I absolutely adore Buttoned Up. So much so that I've written about them before.

They make products that make organizing your life easy - and they do it in the simplest, yet beautiful notebooks, pads, files and other products - that you can use in your everyday life and do not have to learn a new corporate lingo in order to understand them.

They make a product for every situation you can think of - Home, office, errands, valuables, it's all here.

So no more excuses. And really, now that it's February, don't you still have a long list of things that you wanted to get organized for the new year but don't know where to start? These will help get you started and keep you on track thereafter. Come and check out their new and exciting items!

For the car:

Every car should have a Collison.kit. This little beauty has everything you need should you get into a fender bender. And you're not likely to remember everything you have to do in a stressful situation like that, so let the kit do it all for you.

There's a flash camera to take pictures of the scratches and bumps, and pre-printed cards along with a pen, clipboard and envelop to store your registration and insurance info inside. Just fill in the car, trade information and be on your way. No worrying about what you might have forgotten, what you should have done. It's perfect.

Receipt.Catcher Car keeps your car neat and organized and allows you to track your expenses, oil changes, mileage etc. - all in a sweet little accordion file that fits into your car door or glove compartment. It's within reach when you need it and keeps all of those pesky receipts in one safe place.

For pets:

If you have a pet, then you simply must have Pet.doc. It keeps all of your pet's info in one place. And the best thing is that you just fill in the forms. Put in their license number, the last time they got shots and insurance infomation. You can even list what foods they eat and what toys they like so that your pet sitters can know about your beloved companion in an instant.

There are 2 sections, so you can list 2 pets in one beautiful bound notebook. It's really such an essential item.

And for those times when you're going to be away, you want your pooch or kitty or other critters to be in safe hands. So get the Petsitter.pad. Just fill out the sections - Loves and Hates, Emergency Contact & Vet, Feed Schedule, Walk Schedule, etc - and with 75 sheets, you can vacation for life without worrying about your beloved pet being well taken care of.

Keeping the family organized:

Start with the Chore.pad. This way, you can have someone working on the outside work, while others concentrate on the chores indoors. All with a quick tick of the page. East to dole out and easy to follow.

And the great folks at Buttoned Up have again, thought of absolutely everything. They even include a little thank you area in the bottom right hand corner where you can express your gratitude with kisses, money, food or flowers. Chores suddenly seem easier than ever before...

One of my favourite and most used items is the Family.agenda. Like everything they do, it's extremely well laid out and so enjoyable to use because it's one of the few agendas that allows you room to write.

Originally made for Moms, I find it helpful to use just for myself, keeping my home and work stuff together - and yet separate at the same time. Each month are 2 month-at-a-glance calendars where you can record different schedules and routines as well as appointments and due dates.

With a durable cover, rounded corners and a ribbon to keep me focused on the here and now, it's one of the most easy to use and loveliest I've ever used.

It comes with 12 undated months - 150 pages - with 3 sections per month: Family Schedule (for recurring appointments), Month-at-a-glace,and Week-at-a-glance.

And in case you start to drown with work and life demands, there are weekly organizational and sanity saving tips from Buttoned Up to help you through.

Doing things for yourself:

Start with the Errand.pad. This has changed both my life and my Mom's, as we're both avid users (read: addicts) of this genius device.

With blank lines in which to list your errands and check off boxes that read "Priority," "Delegate" and "Done," all of a sudden your errands are no longer a jumbled, hard-to-read list on the back of an envelope - they are organized items that you follow and do and then check off.

It's amazing how on top of everything you'll suddenly feel.

Greetings.stash is yet another life-saving product. 12 cards with everything you need, on hand. 6 Happy Birthday, 2 Happy Anniversary, 2 Thank You and 2 Blank cards allow you to give a card when needed and allieviates the stress and pressure of having to go out and get one on time. Ahhh!

The Birthday.book and Password.log keep your birthday and internet passwords safely in one place where you can always find them easily. If you're not already using these, I highly recommend getting them. You'll never have to search or rewrite the information down again, saving you a heck of a lot of time. And you have better things to do, don't you?

If you get a lot of gift cards, the GiftCard.log is an ingenius way to not only store them all in one easy-to-locate place, but also keep track of your balances.

Is one of your goals this year to become more fit? Then the Fitness.doc is for you. Track your goals, food, weight and exercise and get real about losing weight or gaining strength or just becoming healthier all around.

And one of the best products around is the new Habit.former, a set of cards that help you set organizational habits in just 30 days. All you do is pull out a card a day and follow it. For example, "Delegate 3 items this week," and tidy up while the commercials are on (little steps lead to big results!).

This cute little deck of cards will change not only what you do but how you think and what you spend your time on.

And just in time for Valentine's Day, ButtonedUp.coupons is a book of 20 perforated coupons that will give someone the chance to do the laundry or grocery shopping. You had to delegate something this week from your Habit card anyway, so it all works out...

Buttoned Up is just about the best thing you can do for yourself and others. You'll be organized without doing much more than you're doing now, just filling in forms and checking off lists.

Somehow these great folks have made it possible - and fun - to do the things we need to get done.

And for that, I'm calling them my miracle workers.

Shop the entire line and get yourself together and on track. It feels amazing.

Stephanie Dickison

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