Get Buttoned Up Makes Getting Your House (and Life) in Order A Breeze

We all have those outstanding to do lists:

- book physical exam
- purchase insurance policy
- get oil change, etc.

Now you can take care of everything thanks to Get Buttoned Up, a small company whose mission is “to help people get more done by organizing less.”


With their incredibly well-designed and easy to use organizers, you can get everything that you’ve meant to do, needed to do in mere moments!

Their Life.doc Organizer keeps all of your important information together, including sections on an emergency plan, family basics, in sickness and in health, insurance, dollars and sense, legal ease, caregiver information and home sweet home.

This hearty red binder has forms with generous spaces and fonts, so you don’t have to crunch over the page or squint to read the fine print. You can fill out the 120 pages by hand or on the computer. A CD-ROM compatible for both PC and Mac users is includes and 8 colour-coded sections come complete with pockets to keep receipts and policies and whatever else you need to keep close at hand and organized!

Also check out their Valuables.doc Organizer to catalogue and keep track of all of your valuables, with sections for jewelry, artwork/collectibles, family/living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, basement/attic and other. Just put in the information and very quickly you’ll have a handy list of all of your precious keepsakes should you ever need it! There are even forms included that capture “critical policy details so you’ll have what you need to file a claim.” Ahh. I feel better already!

Get Buttoned Up also has Moving.kit, Collision.kit, Pocket.doc and my personal favourite, CrossItOff.list, a beautiful red notebook that allows you to keep track of everything that needs to get done. We all have those never ending lists and now you can keep it all in one place. And should you need to just take a page or two with you, the pages are perforated! There is also a delegation list at the back to help you help yourself get things accomplished!

What a feeling!

I am thrilled that I have found these invaluable products.

I think you will be too.

Stephanie Dickison

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