Summer Must Haves From Orlane, Bobbi Brown and 2-Mile Jewelry

Just because this is the last week of August, that doesn't mean that it's the end of summer.

In fact, according to my mailman, couriers and general folks from around the way, summer is going to last all September and possibly October to.

That means, all of those strapless tops, towering heels and light scarves that you haven't worn yet, still have a chance to see the outside world.

That, and there's a few items that you'll want to have, if you don't already.

I find I can't live without them now!

Orlane Refining Leg Care

Makeup for your legs. At first I thought, "This is just for old ladies." But now it's one of my favourite summer essentials.

One - because you can't detect it at all, yet it improves the appearance of your legs instantly! The company calls it a "beauty veil for the legs." It creates an "optimal effect" with a luminous shimmer that makes your legs seem slimmer and more streamlined.

Two- because it goes on quickly and easily - even a cosmetics klutz like me manages to do it well!

There is golden chamomile from Peru, silicon and arginine, which helps get rid of any "orange peel" action that you may have going on or wrinkly knees.

So you get better looking legs without having to exercise or squeeze them into tight jeans to cover up your uneven skin!

This is one of those finds that you not only tell everyone you know about, but you buy in bulk. And one of those things that you use everyday that it's warm enough to show off those lovely gams of yours - now even lovelier thanks to Orlane Refining Leg Care.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

I CANNOT contain my intense love for Bobbi Brown products!!

I was introduced to them only a few months ago, but like true love, this, I know, is the real thing.

Almost every single day I use the Metallic Eye Shadow (scroll down), which is a completely effortless way to add shine and glam to your look. And it's crease-free, which means I can go about my day without having to reapply or adjust my makeup, for which I am forever grateful! This is honestly one of the best eye shadows I've ever used. And it's so easy!!!!!

And the Tinted Lip Balm(scroll down) is like Angeline Jolie - sexy, chic and just the perfect thing for any occasion, any day. My lips stay moisturized while adding just a bit of sheer colour that actually lasts! This is one of those never-leaves-your-purse items. I don't carry any cosmetics with me when I go out, but I do take this with me everywhere I go. It's that good!

And for a clean, fresh scent, I'm rockin' Almost Bare, Bobbi Brown's perfume that is never too much. It has Italian Bergamot, Violet Leaves and Jasmine Petals - how pretty is that?!

I wear it both during the day and out on evening gallivants. Often when someone's leaning in to tell me something, they end up commenting on how good I smell.

That's when you know you've found a good one!

Bobbi Brown is one of those lines that you can always trust to make you look and smell great.

And isn't that the way you want to be remembered this summer?

2-Mile Jewelry

I love slipping on a pretty necklace just before heading out for the day or just before an evening affair.

And beautiful summer necklaces can be found at 2-Mile Jewelry!

What I like about these are how modern the prints are and how simple the designs are, so that while you can dress up a tee or a tank with these, they won't clash or take away from what you're wearing.

The thick plastic discs and squares reveal modern prints underneath. They are fused with a silver heart on the back and sway on a delicate, longish chain.

I got a beautiful fuchsia and lime bunch of flowers design on disc, as well as one with a soft petal pink and apple green daisy. A small rectangle reveals an argyle butterfly on a milk chocolate background. You can see similar ones here and here.

I love the fresh look and feel and they really pop when you wear solid tops.

And they are such a nice change from the usual silver discs and drops that are the usual go to necklaces when getting ready for work or to go out.

These are different enough that you will let out a sigh of relief every time you open your jewelry box and each time you wear a 2-Mile necklace, you'll be amazed at how many compliments you receive.

Stephanie Dickison

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