With Bobbi Brown’s New Eyeshadow and Blush Compacts, You can Personalize Your Own Style and Look!

I have long been a fan of Makeup Artist and Creator Bobbi Brown’s philosophy.

She works in a very natural palette and creates makeup that works in the everyday, as well as for those special occasions where you really want to pop.

Bobbi shows women how to apply makeup so that it highlights our best features and takes away from those that we could do without.

Thank goodness.

And now, she has created a line of shadows, blushes and palettes that are sold separately, but are created to work together, so that you can create a custom look that works for you, specifically you, and because they all go together, you can make a mistake – which as a fumbling makeup applier myself, I truly appreciate.

You start out with an empty palette that come complete with mirror and can accommodate up to any 6 eye shadows, shimmer wash eye shadows or blush! You build your own colour system that works for you. How freakin’ cool is that?

Bobbi Brown says that “the best way to make your eyes stand out is with three shades of shadow – light, medium and dark.” So she has created NEW Eye Shadows that are silky, yet matte and NEW Shimmer Wash Eye Shadows that are a sheer, lightly pearlized formula, to allow you to create a dramatic eye.

The colours are very Bobbi – neutral that works on any skin tone, yet are not at all boring or staid – with wonderful eye shadow names such as Toast, Heather, Sable, Smoke, Malted, Cement, Wheat, Flint, Saddle and Naked.

I tried the NEW Rock and Seashell Shimmer Wash Eye Shadows, which really work with my fair skin and green eyes. The pantsuit grey wash and glistening sand colour just wash over my lids and under my brow. They highlight my eyes without taking away from them, which some shadows can, and go on so smoothly that a makeup klutz like me can apply it and it looks good!

Bobbi’s NEW Blush comes in 19 shades and 5 Shimmer Shades, so that you can really make your cheeks pop!

I got the NEW Pink Sugar and Flame colours that are unlike any blush I’ve ever had before! They are colourful and so shimmery with gold specks of light that attract the light! The bubblegum colour of the Pink Sugar makes me instantly look a couple of year’s younger (thank you, Bobbi Brown!) and I love the dramatic brick colour of the Flame!

Bobbi Brown has created something really spectacular here - You buy the pans of shadow and blush that suit you, and layer them or use them on their own as you like. You can’t go wrong because of how neutral they are (you won’t find any electric blues or canary yellows here!) and you can mix and match them to suit your mood or outfit.


You no longer have to buy a pre-packaged palette of colours that you’ll never wear and you only have to carry with you the shades that work for you!

The pans of colour are small enough that they don't take up a lot of room, but deep enough that they hold enough colour to take you through all of the seasons, dance clubs and meetings that make up your life.

Thank goodness! Because I can’t honestly fit one more thing in this purse of mine...

Stephanie Dickison

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