V-MODA VIBE Blush Earphones Totally Rock My World!

I wrote about the power and glory that comes outta V-MODA earphones last year.

Now they’re back with a new kickin’ version of the originals – V-MODA VIBE Blush just for the ladies!

So now you get the same noise-isolating quality that you’ve grown to love and now can’t live with out, all in a hot pink that is so of the moment and instantly updates any mp3 player to the here and now!

The uber comfortable, silicone earphones are the only ones to stay in my ears (which means you can run, walk or do jumping jacks and they won’t fall out!), thanks to the 3 pairs of small, medium and large fittings. I like that you get 3 pairs of black and 3 pairs in clear so you can accessorize according to your outfit or bag of the day. And the thick, hot pink fabric cord is a nice change from the rubber and plastic ones and extremely lightweight.And the hot little black leather case is perfect for travel and listening while on the go!

One of the best qualities of these earphones is that you can listen to the music without it seeping out to the rest of the subway car, bus or store, unlike those other ones where you can actually sing along because you can hear every word.

As well, you get to hear music the way it’s meant to be listened to – so if you’re listening to Timbaland, you best believe that the beats will be as if you were beside him in the studio (there is a deep bass enabler on these puppies!). And if you’re listening to Mariah, be careful of that first note off the first track. It is her signature glass-breaking note and you might want to turn the sound just for the intro...

If you love fashion, beauty and design, the V-MODA VIBE Blush Earphones are the perfect accessory, no matter what the season!

Stephanie Dickison

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