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As you know, the earbuds that come with your iPod are not good for you. So, in search of new earphones, I have been doing a little research.

There are a lot of extraordinary high end ones, but you want to be able to listen to your music and still afford to eat.

And on the reasonable scale, they are either cheaply made and tinny, or they are massive waffles that side aside your head like Princess Leia’s braided buns. And forget about noise cancelling features. Those are only available on your highenders.

That is, until I found v-moda.

They are extraordinary earphones that sit so comfortably in your ears that you really don’t feel like you’re wearing anything at all. And in case the size doesn’t seal in your ear well, they give you 3 pairs of both black and clear silicone fittings in small, medium and large.

They are the most secure fit I’ve ever experienced in an earphone and for once, everyone on the subway doesn’t have to listen to your music as well, thanks to their “noise isolating BLISS (Bass Level Isolating Soft Silicone),” which reduces noise and allows for deep bass.

You won’t believe the difference in the sound.

Years ago, a neighbour lent me a CD that a friend of theirs had just release. The first track blew me away. I dropped to the floor. I listened to Katey Morley’s “Wreck” over and over for years. And though I only listen to it occasionally now, I play it with my new v-moda Red Roxx phones. I fall in love with it all over again. The sheer oomph and rawness of it comes through so clearly now. I hear parts of the sound that were previously lost. It is more multi-layered and ethereal than ever. I am hooked all over again.

As a music lover, bass has always been an important part of music to me. Back in high school, I was sure to get the “Bass enabled Sony Sports Walkman.” And it is so great to hear the percussion as much as everything else for once. Being able to hear the sharp drums on Jeff Buckley’s “New Year’s Prayer” for really the first time because of my lovely new ear gems makes me excited about listening to my collection again.

And listening to rock and hip-hop? It’s an absolute dream. I am rocking out like I’m 16 again.

v-moda has really thought about people who spend a lot of time listening to music. They come with a one-year warranty, a 24k gold-plated stereo plug, a beautiful gold lame pouch to hold everything (everything they make is beautiful and sexy – they’re in Hollywood, after all), a cord manager that keeps it from tangling at your chest (very stylishly too), and it is compatible with all iPod, mp3, CD, DVD and computers.

They really have thought of everything.

Earrings? No thanks. I’ve found my favourite ear candy. And if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to rock out with my new phones. I can’t wait.

Talk about a product changing your life.

Stephanie Dickison

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