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Beauty right now is all about bigger and fuller. Think about it. Whether it's lips, eyes, breasts, butt, or hair, the goal nowadays is more is more.

And this absolutely extends to lashes and brows. "Go big or go home" is the protocol now, so it's no wonder microblading and eyelash extension became mainstream so fast. 

But since microblading is just temporary, and lash extensions make your actual fringe look dim and lame, I went in search of something longer lasting. Something that would achieve a similar look with or without makeup.

I've long had patchy, barely-there brows and thanks to the aging process, my lashes aren't as full and lush as they used to be. So while a variety of products have improved these over the years, I've still got a long way to go.

Or at least that was the case before discovering Skin Research Laboratories.

And while at first glance it might seem pricey,  it works. You get results. At least I did.

I started with neuBROW because my eyebrows were gossamer with bare swaths throughout (and not the cool ones like rappers). I felt I couldn't leave the house without at least filling them in.

I was diligent about following the regimen - once in the a.m. and then again before bed, using  the soft brush to apply, then combing the formula through with the plastic brush attached to the cap for maximum results.

I waited and waited, watched and checked, and then double-checked. A few weeks went by and the difference was....  sigh - barely noticeable. There were some teeny little starters beginning to poke through, but otherwise, there I was with brow pencil, gel, and/or powder, left and right.

Time passed and it looked like my sparse David Spade arches were right where I left them.

But if I just had relaxed a bit, I would have noticed something extraordinary. Over time, the bald spots and sad excuse from lines above my eyes had miraculously filled in. Like watching a pot boil, if I had just stepped away and focused on other things, I would have witnessed bushy brows encroaching across my forehead.

The packaging does say it restores brows in as little as three to four weeks and indeed it did. You just have to trust the process and not expect everything to happen in a week (I've clearly become a product of the times).

What's remarkable is how shiny and healthy my brows have become. They haven't looked this supple since I was 12.

This is thanks to the powerful, exclusive Dual-Weight Protein Complex and Active Eyelash Technology, my arches filled in, making me appear youthful and fancy free - two things which I assure you, I'm not.

Natural ingredients including keratin, sweet almond protein, biotin, and extracts of apple and pumpkin seed, show off how boss they are with their impressive results. These, along with bioengineered peptides - a proprietary combination of amino acids -  take thin weak hairs and pump them up  to Joe Manganiello strength like that.

Thick, long stranglers appeared seemingly all of a sudden, causing simultaneous delight and dismay. A handful of times over two months (when used as directed, one 6 ml tube should last roughly 60 days), I even had to get out my teeny manicure scissors and wield a little control over the newfangled brush coming in.

What a fantastic problem to have.

My goal? By year's end to have somewhere between Cara Delevingne and Eugene Levy caterpillars. If anyone can pull this off, it's neuBROW.

You my dear, have fabulous lashes. Me? I have straight lashes with no curl whatsoever. They are long, yes, but by no means lush. They're thinning out big time. I could practically feel the breeze wafting through the gaps as wide as Michael Strahan's toothy grin. Even fibre building, volume guaranteed mascaras don't offer relief for my wan fringe.

That's when I knew it was time to call in the reinforcements. Like I said, I don't like adding fake things only to have to be taken away later - eyelash extensions, padded bras, etc., where you're left with your natural state of things that are clearly less than what you started out the evening with. Which is why neuLASH is a brilliant solution. I get that full richness that I crave without having to having to remove anything at the end of the night.

Similar to my brow experience, the results came after a long pause and then seemed to fill in all at once - though this was due more to my combination of excitement and impatience. It seemed to take as long as all 15 seasons of NCIS before I felt like I had fluttery ostrich power (We really have to stop expecting everything to happen overnight. I am taking this lesson to heart).

But boy is it worth the wait. My lashes seemed healthier and fuller than ever before. Since I have small eyes, the longer my lashes, the better. They brush up against my glasses and look like extensions once I add just one layer of mascara. It's dramatic, but natural all the same. Just want I always wanted.

It's not cheap I know, but again, it works. By just brushing on the serum once nightly to your upper eyelashes. And then every other day to maintain them.

With the power of fortifying Active Eyelash Technology you see a difference in just 30 days. The key is serious hydration. Your lashes are drenched with sodium hyaluronate, with hold 1000 times its weight in water. 

As if that weren't bonus enough, your lashes become soft, strong, and shiny. So much so that maybe, just maybe, the need for mascara isn't such a requirement anymore. 

In fact, I reach for mine now only on special occasions and big events.


neuLASH and neuBROW were true to their word - they delivered on new growth that's shimmied and shined, all without a stitch of makeup.

This to me is a miracle. I didn't have to go to a doctor's office and get implants, temporary tattoos, extensions or attach anything foreign added to my body. I just had to apply the serum once and twice a day. That's not too much to ask.

Skin Research Laboratories has created a winning combination of leading edge technology with innovative, essential peptides, proteins, vitamins and conditioning ingredients that result in fuller, lusher lashes and brows in about a month's time.

Having to wait 30 days isn't too much to ask either. 

p.s. The collection also includes three other products: neuRADIANCE instant cell exfoliator, neuHAIR hair enhancing formula, and neuENVY peptide enhanced mascara that I didn't try, but I've added to my wish list.

Stephanie Dickison

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