Pearl+ Luxury Soap - Crushing It

I've never been a fan of bar soap. 

Even back before liquid hand soap and shower gels were a thing, the soggy mess that bars dissolve into  always grossed me out.

And it was always one more dish to clean. Those built-in ridges? They just trapped the soap.

Sorry, but soap in a dish makes everything look messy, dirty even.

Think I'm crazy? Consider this: When you get into a hotel room, all of the soaps are brand new, still fresh in their wrappers. Imagine for a moment, that there were used soap bars at the sink and in the shower instead. You would Freak. Right. Out. But something tells me that if there were liquid soap dispensers, half or even just a quarter full, you might prefer them topped up, but you'd still use the soap.

Soap on a rope was invented back in the 40's to keep soap from becoming soggy (see, I'm not the only one who think this idea needs rethinking), but there are so few folks that make them, and even fewer that actually feature good quality soap. 

I went in search of the very best that I could find and stumbled upon Pearl+ Luxury Soap, which is  so much more than I'd ever hoped for or expected.

Pearl+ Luxury Soap is made with real, natural pearls. Something you don't often see in beauty products and yet, finely crushed pearl powder boasts legendary healing powers and is widely used in Asia. In fact, the only woman ever to be named Emperor of China Wu Ze Tan (625-705 AD), was known for her striking skin. It was thanks to those precious pearls.

Janet Jay of Studio J in Portland, Oregon, put a contemporary twist on this Asian beauty treatment, so it fits right in with your modern lifestyle and decor, while treating your skin to an indulgent pampering fit for a queen.

The hefty blocks of soap are available in two formulas - Moisturizing and Detoxing - in a variety of sizes and styles, including slim, swanky hotel bars.

Handcrafted in small batches with 100% natural, nourishing ingredients, these soaps are not just spectacular to look at - they revolutionize your skin.

Take a closer look:

Activated charcoal is all the rage these days. Used in everything from toothpaste to ice cream, the safety of ingesting it is still in question, but its detoxifying properties for your dermis cannot be denied. It helps to absorb impurities and then flush 'em out, leaving you feeling clean inside AND out. 

And while white clay (kaolnite) may sound drying, it's anything but. Like being swept up in a silk sheet, you'll be all over this beaut (esp. those with sensitive skin) for its gentle nature and soft conditioning.

Like buttah? Even bettah.

Delivering super extra hydration (think standing-under-a-waterfall-in-the rainforest drenched), this bar is a triple threat:

- Rice bran doesn't just blanket the skin in moisture, it's anti-aging and through the roof with antioxidants and vitamin E
- Castor oil prevents skin drying out while still delivering a deep cleansing
- Gotu kola powder? Don't worry if you don't know this one, it's not that common here. YET. But get this: in China it's known as "the fountain of life," and Forbes published an article boasting its many benefits including helping to repair veins and boosting collagen.

I should say quadruple threat. With a blend of essential oils here, you get an added bonus of aromatherapy. 

Soft, smooth skin that doesn't require slathering on lotion every ten minutes to keep it from drying out? Staggering.


No matter which one you choose, all Pearl+ Luxury Soap give a creamy lather and lush pampering by way of olive oil and organic palm and coconut oils. The crushed pearl powder gently exfoliates, helping renew your skin without having to resort to harsh scrubbing.

The result? Silky smooth skin that looks flawless and feels nourished deep beneath the surface. You get all the benefits you would from high end skincare all in a one swoon-worthy bar of soap.

And here's the best part - other than online and retail, you'll find Pearl+ Luxury Soap in Ace Hotels in the U.S (They were launched in 2008 in the rooms of the Ace Hotel in Portland). I love this for many reasons:

Standout hotels (read: not the same as lavish or vostly) are dreamy. There's something about a slipping under a dense, puffy duvet, sliding doors that look out onto a cityscape, and stand up shower that makes my knees weak and put my creative juices on high alert. There's a depth of sleep you get in hotels like this that can never be reached IRL. There's a muffled hush that allows your mind to relax and wanter and stretch its legs like it hasn't in years decades.

And while hotel shower pressure and temps can be great or dismal (there's never anything in between. - ever),  Pearl+ Luxury Soap awaiting for you ensures a plush luxeness that you always expect from a hotel, but don't always get.

Now that sumptuousness can be yours every day. 

And your skin? Perfection. Like the pearls that were crushed to make it.

Others may be okay with their dried out bars of whale blubber, but I'll be over here lathering up with ocean pearls. 

Indulgence for the everyday sure, but the price tags weren't made for only the well-heeled. These bars with their crisp corners and edges, swirls of cream and ebony like Calacatta marble (as gorgeous to look at as to use) and silky, knotted black cords (I'm going to wear them as bracelets when the soap's all gone) won't stretch your pocketbook. You can have these stunning beauty bars AND still go out for dinner without stressing.

Infused with deep history, a dedication to craftsmanship and perhaps the most exquisite - and unexpected - ingredient of crushed pearls, Pearl+ Luxury Soap is a true gift whether you give it to someone or keep it for yourself.

Shop Pearl+ Luxury Soap now.


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