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Over the years, despite my propensity to keep my skincare as simple and minimalist as the rest of my life, I sometimes find myself applying seven different products from cleanser to moisturizer.

So by the time I get to applying sunscreen, I am already knackered. I simply can't apply one more lotion - I'm already all slathered up.

Which is why when I discovered that COOLA offers sunscreen sprays for both face and body, I felt like I'd won the lottery. A quick spritz and then I'm out the door? I don't have to worry about missing up my makeup or the self-tanner I just spent half an hour carefully applying and standing around in, so so wouldn't get streaks or smudges?

The first thing you should know about COOLA sprays is that you don't spray them directly onto your bod or face. Instead, you spritz into your cupped hands and then apply. It seems counterintuitive at first, but you'll be surprised at how quickly you catch on - it just becomes habit.

Secondly, these don't feel anything like other sunscreens you've tried. Completely weightless, you'll never sense a thing. It's clear too, so no dealing with white smears.

Already light years ahead other formulas, COOLA doesn't just stop. They go the distance with packing their products full of natural, organic, sustainable and locally sourced ingredients that do your body serious good (hello vitamins, antioxidants, and buh-bye signs of aging). Their Farm to Face sourcing philosophy ensures the freshest and most natural ingredients are used whenever possible, and leaves out the toxic stuff (parabens, paba and phthalates), so you don't have to worry your pretty head about it. Just go out there and slay like the boss you are.

Formulated with their patented Plant Protection, their sunscreens "use fewer traditional actives." What does that mean exactly? Less unnecessary stuff on your skin, and less ingredients reaped from the planet. Win-win. 

Made in San Diego in limited quantity batches, quality is always in check. And if COOLA needs to tweak the formula just slightly - thanks to new scientific developments and technology - they can. Flexible and welcome to change? That's a company I can get behind. Their commitment to cruelty-free testing and practices, and donations to the Melanoma Research Alliance and Healthy Child Healthy World doesn't hurt either.

And keep in mind, this is just the beginning. There's much more to come. Check out the incredible NEW! COOLA Suncare products I tried:


"Spray" isn't the term I'd use. That's because this steady mist isn't just delicate, but even. It's spray elevated.

It gently smooths onto your skin, creating a veil that you'll never detect, except for the beautiful, luscious, yet subtle scent from natural oils and extracts. I'm rockin' Citrus Mimosa which evokes memories of sun-soaked beaches (Want something a titch sweeter? Shop Pina Colada). And don't worry, it's a barely-there fragrance, so it won't compete with your carefully selected perfume. 

The spa-like treatment continues with over 70% certified organic ingredients including Alcohol, Glycerin, Red Raspberry Seed Oil (did you know it's a natural sunscreen booster and rich in Omega-3 and 6?), and fruit extracts of Algae, Cucumber Fruit and Strawberry Fruit. 

Other sumptuous ingredients that feed your skin: Aloe Leaf Juice, peel oils (Orange, Lemon, Tangerine) and Peppermint Oil.  Rich with natural antioxidants, your skin gets protection from the sun and signs of aging, so no need to slather on more creams and serums today.  And of course you get broad spectrum SPF 30 protection, so whether you're sunning on the beach or sipping frosé on the patio, your skin's safeguarded from the sun's harmful rays.

Heading poolside today? COOLA's water resistant for up to 40 minutes.

And thanks to the jumbo size bottle (which also happens to look like a million bucks, so go ahead and leave it on the counter),  you don't have to worry about running out anytime soon. The top locks too, so you can toss in your bag without fear of it leaking everywhere. Swoon.

Once you try it, you'll be hooked.


Introducing another product you won't be able to live without, check out this serious quadruple threat:

I talked earlier about the mess of having to slather on sunscreen over your regular lotion. It's even worse when you're dealing with makeup. In the past whether you endeavoured wearing it under or over your cosmetics (you attempted both, I'm sure), the results were disastrous. I know, because I too tried everything.

COOLA has created the first ever Face SPF 30 Makeup Setting Spay. This formula too is packed with over 70% certified organic ingredients = pop the confetti. It goes on after your makeup (and touchups), delivering a delicate layer that you won't ever see or feel, but guards you against UVA/UVB rays, and deliver just a hint of fresh, luscious green tea scent. 

That would be wondrous enough, but then it goes and sets your makeup like a pro, so while everyone around you deals with makeup meltdowns, you'll look pristine and polished, no matter how intense the heat. That's because it goes on and stays on matte, keeping your winged eyeliner meticulous and your foundation flawless.

Rich with Hyaluronic Acid, Cucumber and Aloe Vera Extracts, your skin doesn't just stay hydrated - it feels hydrated. And that's key, because when's the last time a freakin' sunscreen didn't either dry you out or make you feel like a greasy, oily mess? HA also softens and tones skin, so no matter how minimal your skincare routine this AM, you're getting the full treatment with this one product alone. 

Then a trifecta of Peony Leaf, Juniper Berry and Phoenix Leaf Stem Cells swoops in and reinforces you skin barrier while delivering protection via powerful antioxidants. Organic Strawberry Fruit Extract (rich in Vitamin C - a natural brightener - Polyphenols. and other nutrients) even minimizes pores, while peel oils (Orange, Lemon, Tangerine), Organic Red Raspberry Seed Oil, and Peppermint Oil enrich your skin with such serious goodness, you'll want to use it whether you're heading outdoors or not.

p.s. Bring it with you, no matter where you travel - it's CATSA approved size.


COOLA I know we just met, but we're going to be together forever.

Shop COOLA now - International and U.S., Canada, and Sephora U.S. And be sure to check out their BB+ Creams, lip products and other skincare items.

Note: $10 flat rate shipping anywhere in Canada. FREE shipping anywhere in Canada on orders over $100. See website for details.

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