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You might think glasses are the ultimate accessory to make you appear bookish or more intelligent, but as someone who's worn specs since the age of four, it's no freakin' picnic, let me tell you.

I donned contacts through my 20s and early 30s, but writing all day took a toll on my peepers - you blink way less staring at a computer screen, so dry eyes are just the beginning (the drunken nights of fallen asleep with them in after guzzling Black Russians - it was the 90s - and go-go dancing 'till dawn, are also just the beginning...), so I switched back to my thick lenses.

The thing about glasses is that they become looser than a hand-me-down turtleneck in a short amount of time. This is due to the fact that we take them on and off, are jostled on crowded transit, bump them around while dancing like a maniac (what do mean you don't have a dance like no one's watching in the kitchen or living room?) or working out. Some of us even fall asleep with them on. This usually occurs when I'm trying to get a chapter or two before bed, watching an intense drama on TV, or while trying valiantly to do "research" reading on the couch. p.s. That drool on my pillow is no way evidence.

To get wobbly frames to adjusted is a whole things. Places where you didn't buy your glasses don't like to do it  in case they break them, and who has time to schlep all the way uptown where you got 'em in the first place? And should you make time, the tight hold lasts just a few weeks before they're askew and sliding down your sniffer again - trust me.

Having to constantly push them up on the bridge of your nose is not only annoying - poindexter much? - the more they slider down, the older you look and feel. I don't want to be peering OVER my glasses at my Beef Tartare or into your gorgeous eyes like a senior watching a stone slip across the ice at a curling match.

But what's a girl to do?

Up until now, there was just a lot of adjusting and peering over.

Not pretty.

But then I found nerdwax and it changed everything.

It looks just like lip balm - same tube size and everything - but here the waxy solution is thicker and sticky, just the thing to keep your specs on point.

I was shocked at how delicious it smells. though you won't detect it once you're wearing it. But inhale the heady scent of the formula right outta the tube - the mixture of Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Gum Rosin, and Peppermint Oil has a soft, warm anise scent that's pretty dreamy.

Take this nasal glue stick and apply a thick layer of the all-natural cosmetic grade ingredients (Certified Organic and sustainably sourced where possible) right on the nose pads. Use the edges of the wax, not the top and make sure to really twist up the applicator so there's a good portion of wax above the rim. If you think you've gone thick enough, you haven't. Keep going until you have a good dense smear going. I also thought of this: you know all those mini spatulas you get with your skin creams and are currently lining the bottom of your bathroom cabinet? Use them to cover surface. It's perfect and way better than your finger - as it takes a bit of scrubbing to get the formula off (To remove any unwanted wax, use a paper towel or microfibre cloth, and you're good to go).

But that stickiness it turns out, is a godsend. Once set in place, you're good for a few hours or the entire day, depending on your activities. So go ahead and dig in deep with box jumps and push-ups, turn up your favourite song and lose yourself in dance across the kitchen floor,  and try and get through that next chapter while horizontal without falling into a deep slumber. Your glasses aren't going anywhere.

And that's a good thing. Because it turns out your glasses are pretty cool after all.

Shop nerdwax now.

p.s. Also a brilliant fix for your collection of sunnies.


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