Bar Essentials #3 - Trudeau Barware

Trudeau makes phenomenal kitchenware that's built to last.

From wine glasses to whiskey setsbaking equipment to kitchen knives, they have everything you need to help in everyday cooking to hosting elegant soirees. So naturally they were my go-to for quality barware.

Wondering why I didn't choose the more on trend rose gold and copper pieces that are so pretty - Have you seen how much a mere bottle opener is? Their shakers and mugs cost as much as a bottle of really great tequila, so no thanks, I'll stick with these classics that not only will never go out of style, but will leave me enough left over for the ingredients themselves.

And as if that's not enough,  they come with a lifetime warranty. Mike drop.

Take a look:

One of the most used tools you'll need to make cocktails this season is a sturdy shaker. 

Companies sell them in various shapes and sizes, but Trudeau's large stainless steel bad boy ensures you won't be stuck behind the bar all night and your cocktails really get a good shimmy and shake - essential for a smooth finish.

But that's not all. It comes complete with a built-in raised rim ensuring a clean pour, integrated strainer so ice stays put, and a measuring cap with both 1 and 2 oz levels, so clean up is a breeze (and you never have to scramble looking for something to measure with).

Ooh, I love a good fresh mojito. There's a Cuban place in the east end I go to for mine, but they're easy enough to make at home - you just need a ton of fresh mint and lime, along with a mighty fine rum, and a little sugar.

The key, after securing the best ingredients, is having a muddler that can really get in there and do the job without bruising or breaking the fruit and leaves.

Trudeau's mini baseball bat muddler from Trudeau does the heavy lifting for you.

The acacia wood's round corners expresses the most flavour and scent from fruit and herbs, while the tapered shape is sure to fit in your shaker and glass.

And of course mojitos are not the only cocktail to enjoy muddled (Mint Julep anyone?). Whip up everything from Old Fashioneds to Caipirinhas. Even the fruit in your sangria gets a boost from the being softly pressed.

Once you start muddling, you'll never stop.

You paid good money for that hearty Burgundy on the counter - don't let it go to waste.

This wonderful contraption allows you to keep your vino fresh because lets face it, there's no way you're polishing off the whole bottle tonight.

I have forever saved bottles to have when I'm sure I'll have two nights back to back to enjoy the whole thing. I have forgone beloved Côtes du Rhônes, Barberas and Barolos for weeks so that they won't go to waste.

Now this little holiday angel allows me to enjoy a bottle up to a week at a time. The pump keeps wine fresh "by preventing oxidation and high pressure changes within the bottle."

Accompanying the pump are two leak-proof bottle stoppers complete with vacuum seal, so no air's getting in or out. Go ahead and put 'em to the test: store your bottles horizontally in the fridge or on the shelf. No dribbles, no drops, no nothing. Your lovely vino is safe, sound and good for much longer than it's ever been.

So sip, savour and enjoy this season. There's no need to rush anymore.


These are just a few of the fab items from Trudeau Barware Collection (on my wish-list: Barcraft Yarai Mixing Glass and Ice Sphere Mold).

Stephanie Dickison

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