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One of my all time favourite skincare and fragrance lines - Philosophy - celebrates their 20th anniversary this year. They continue to rock my world with their latest product releases.

But I have loved them for a long, long time. I was introduced to the Back in 2011, I fell for their exfoliating treatments, 2012 was the year I got addicted to hope in a jar for body and purity cleanser, and in 2013 I went gaga for the miracle worker, which was true to it name.

Between their fierce skincare and their essential new fragrances, philosophy has me feeling beautiful from head to toe.

Take a closer look:

It was an instant hit. This best-selling compilation of eye and face gel cream is a must for anyone who's in need of an instant whoosh of freshness and life infused into their skin.

The oil-free collection was designed to "re-oxygenate skin, recover from daily life & resist aging." How pray tell?  With oxygen on-demand via clean-air technology featuring exclusive barley leaf extract and a patented antioxidant blend. Which you'll soon realize you've been waiting a lifetime for.

take a deep breath oxygenating eye gel cream

A good eye cream is like finding the right partner. Once you discover it, never let it go because it will change your life. take a deep breath oxygenating eye gel cream is just that. The light gel refreshes and cools upon contact, making it an ideal pick-me-up in the morning and remedy for last night's shenanigans (no one will ever know).

That's right, it gets right into those dark circles, puffed up areas and wrinkles, so you not only feel revitalized - you look it too. That barely leaf extract actually increases oxygen levels, as active caffeine and a blend of peptides make it look like you actually got a good night's sleep (ha!).

It's one thing to have an eye cream work so well (you'll never look ragged again), but it's another to have it feel so good, to be something you can't wait to put on first thing.

This might just be the one thing you make an exception for before coffee.

It actually feels like your skin is being infused with oxygen. Like a fresh ocean breeze softly crashing against your cheeks and forehead. This is the way you want to start your day. Rejuvenated. Infused with energy and verve.

From helping neutralize damaging free radicals to hydrating your skin, take a deep breath oil-free oxygenating gel cream doesn't just make your skin look and feel better, the invigorating scent, cooling feel and sudden surge of moisture will rouse you better than any smoothie on the market.

And like any great exercise or yoga class, as you apply this joyous moisturizer, you'll feel like you can breathe again. Deeply. Slowly. Assuredly.

So no matter what the day brings, you can handle it.

The rich cream with a lively fresh scent immediately hydrates your skin, so even before your head hits the pillow, you'll already feel its immense power.

But it's when you wake up that you'll witness the dramatic results. 

While you were fast asleep, this amazing moisturizer worked its butt off to renew your skin cells, leaving you with plump, radiant, smooth skin. 

The natural plant extract Myramaze, or "the resurrection plant" as philosophy calls it, helped deliver serious moisture for 24 hours. So even though it's been going all night, your skin stays hydrated during all of your waking hours too.

Hey, where did all those fine lines disappear to, you'll wonder. And pores aren't even a thing anymore. 

Say buh-bye to dull, dry skin this winter. It doesn't stand a chance against this powerhouse.

It's no wonder it's been Allure Magazine's Reader's Choice for the last 10 years. Once you try it, you won't want to use anything else.

An addictive bright citrus scent greets you each time, erasing any feeling of this being a chore and transforming it into a joyous and sunny routine you'll look forward to.

This cleaning trifecta tones and hydrates your skin so you don't ever have to experience that dry puckering afterward, while removing all of your makeup - yes, even that crazy stubborn liner, waterproof mascara and the long-lasting lip stain that nothing else has yet to eliminate any traces of.

You need just a little daub on damp skin to do the job. Massaging it in for 30-60 seconds will give you ultimate results, but even if you're just in and out,  its efficacy is revealed almost immediately. It even gets right into your pores.

Not only with you notice a visual difference, your skin will feel cleaner than its felt in forever. It's one of the best feelings in the world. And now you get to experience it each and every day, thanks to brilliant philosophy.

- living grace shampoo, bath & shower gel

Soaping up and enveloping your self in the  rich, thick and sensuous shimmering silver lather of living grace shampoo, bath & shower gel is a complete spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

Filling the room with a clean, fresh and vibrant scent, living grace is an instant mood lifter. In fact, it was created to help center our mood (is there any other way you'd rather start your day?). Neroli swirls around you with an intoxicating effervesce, while lily of the valley keeps things clean and feminine and warm musks cocoon you like soft cashmere.

Once you try this intoxicating, intricate, luxurious, sumptuous formula, you will want to swathe yourself with it for the rest of your days. I do.

philosophy does some of my favourite scents of all time. If you want to smell clean and fresh with an elegant and sophisticated polish that never overpowers, these will be your happy place.

I wrote about amazing grace five years ago. Today you can enjoy the 20th birthday special edition, which you'll come to count on as your everyday fragrance. Its bouquet of bergamot, muguet and musk gushes femininity and nestles you in softness, ensuring it will forever be timeless classic. 

So perhaps it's no coincidence this is named Grace. I can imagine Grace Kelly being a fan. It is the scents of  someone who has it together, who always looks calm, cool and collected. 

The sophisticated air should not be mistaken for pretension or arrogance, however. Confident but never brazen, it whisks you away to a place filled with cool marble, gold finishes, and warm, personal touches that showcase a woman with many sides and talents. In other words, astonishing.

- live joyously rollerball

Ooh, this is a juicy, lively scent that is guaranteed to make you smile. This portable fragrance makes it easy to get lost in sparkling tangerine, pink peony blossoms and warm patchouli anywhere, anytime.

The optimistic nose will compel you to embrace life. Fiercely. You'll work smarter, work out harder, and finally tell the person you can't stop thinking about how you really feel. 

Call it elation in a pretty, slim bottle. Or perhaps more fittingly, the courage to stay true to your heart and follow your dreams.

Talk about a powerful scent. 


You need philosophy skincare & fragrances in your life. And these products are just the beginning. So shop right now.  

Stephanie Dickison

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