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As you know by now,  you'll almost always find me wearing nail polish, but I'm pretty terrible at it. I get the job done, but it's not pretty. And by no means is it fancy. Hell no. I wouldn't subject anyone to that.

But that doesn't mean that I don't wish my nails were festooned with fun, modern designs. 

Going to get my nails done is such a rarity - a close friend gave me a gift card to a high end salon for my birthday in 2015 and I am just getting around to cashing it in this December, over a year after the momentous occasion. So nail art isn't usually in the cards for me.

But then I stumbled across Scratch Nail Wraps with their phenomenal design-focused nail wraps that feature insanely exciting artwork of every kind. Finally nail art that I can wear and apply with ease.

It's wonderful to be able to get such intricate designs without all of the work. You can select from adorable prints such as Lazy PandasFiery Foxes, and Shark Week. Want to express your inner artist? Thunder is the way to go. Minimalist and modern lovers will fancy Love and Cheer and Heartbeats. Craving a little springtime warmth during the colder months? Bloom oughtta put a spring in your step. And for those wishing for a more intricate look, Tessellated and Winter Wonderland are sure to wow the crowd.

Don't you crave something new? I got to try the  extremely exhilarating, epic designs of NinaNailedIt MonthlyMani Kits that take your nails to a whole other level.

This $10/mth (+ shipping and handling) subscription offers limited edition @goscratchit wraps, designed by Nina Park, the nail artist behind @NinaNailedit. How cool to have bangin', wildly different nails every month.

Take a look at the latest @goscratchit Monthly Mani Kit Collections:

November's Stone Marble matches my countertops and laptop cover. They are a fabulous winter print, offering lightness compared to the dark shades we usually done at this time of year and incorporates grey and black, which we're undoubtedly already covered head-to-toe in.

I never wear white nail polish (I'm so pale already), but because of the stunning pattern on these, I was able to rock white and feel good about it.

I love December's Black Swans so much, I would wear them every day for a year. 

The black background giving way to delicate swans and separate wraps decorated in gold leaves, allows you to mix and match them however you please. 

January's feature is Pastel Geo, which is sure to sell out quickly, so order them now before it's too late.

These wraps are exclusive to the @goscratchit Monthly Mani Kit

And here's the best part - each kit gives you a full manicure in less than 10 minutes.

Without drying time (though it's recommended to add a quick top coat to extend the wear of your wraps.

And minus any odour, ridges, unevenness, and chips. Just clean lines, sharp edges and a brilliant finish that looks so pro, don't be surprised if anyone and everyone tells you how cool your nails are.

The thin wraps are crazy easy to put on (hey if I can do it, so can you) and go on like real nail polish. While I've only have tried wraps a few times in the past, these are by far the best and most advanced. And none of them resembled real polish like these do (how do they do that?).

Each nail cover is screen-printed onto thin adhesive with five polish-free inks. There are 16 included in each kit, available in a variety of sizes - two big, two small, and 12 medium average size.

I was shocked at how easy they are to apply. There is an illustrated guide included in your kit, which I found extremely helpful.

You simply prep your nails, they choose the size of wrap for each nail. Peel off the front and back plastics and place the round edge against the cuticle. Stretch and smooth the wrap across your nail and wrap the excess over your finger. You can file the extra off with the cute little rough-edged black nail file included in your kit (you also get an orange stick to help get into the corners). What amazed me is how smoothly and cleanly the wrap separated from the section adhered to the nail. I had to do minimal filing at the edges, as most of it just snapped right off.

I did add the recommended top coat that ensures your wrap lasts 4-5 days. If you have a gel system or no-wipe gel top coat, you can get up to two weeks out of a single package of wraps. I scrubbed pots and pans, repotted some plants, packed up holiday gifts for mailing, cleaned the house, worked out, moved some heavy furniture around, and my nail wraps didn't budge. I don't know that a polish manicure would have done the same.

Whether you rock seriously long nails or keep them short like I do, Scratch Nail Wraps are made to fit us all. I really appreciate that. Just because I have short nails doesn't mean I don't want them to be beautiful or striking.

They are now thanks to these amazing nail wraps.

Sayonara polish, I'm hooked on Scratch Nail Wraps. Sign up to receive your Monthly Mani Kit now.

p.s. Wouldn't these make the best gift for your BFF, office mates and all the other ladies on your holiday list this year?

Stephanie Dickison

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