ZAYA Oils Eco Skincare - Your Ultimate Winter Skin Survival Kit

It's only starting to get cool outside and already I can feel my skin drying out and shrivelling up.

That's why I am thrilled to share with you a skincare line that's rocking my world - ZAYA Oils Eco Skincare. The products are wonderful to use, insanely effective and just happen to be completely toxin-free.

I love being able to saturate my skin with only goodness - safe products for my skin and body. All ZAYA Oils ingredients are responsibly sourced, sustainable, and free of toxins, irritants, preservatives, artificial fragrances and carcinogens.

By combining ancient natural beauty secrets used by Slavic women with modern, eco skincare science, ZAYA Oils delivers the best of both worlds - centuries old, tried-and-trusted formulas with contemporary textures, scents and packaging. 

It just goes to show that plant oils, botanical extracts, and all natural clays are as powerful skincare ingredients as anything whipped up in a lab.

The lineup includes oilsblends, creams, detox facial masks and vegan soaps, all made including organic ingredients with a modern woman in mind. The proof? Some even battle the damage of city pollutants. 

I'm calling these products "the ultimate winter skin survival kit" because they have taken my skin to new heights this season - both face and body - and kept everything soft and smooth despite the harsh cold and wind.

Of course ZAYA Oils are meant to be used year round. But perhaps because the company is based in Toronto Canada, they know best how to fight against the biting, raw elements.

In addition to top-notch ingredients, there are other standout qualities to note:

- Buying a product in a bottle? It comes in thick violet glass that keeps out the light, ensuring the potency of the product won't decrease over time. 

- Have you ever ordered a pump bottle of something, only to find all the lotion seeped out into the delivery box? Not only is it a mess, but you lose precious product. ZAYA Founders Ekaterina and Anna have truly thought of everything, as each bottle pump comes with a cap to prevent any leaks from occurring. 

- And how cool is this? You know that annoying  problem of your bottles and jars getting wet and the labels start to melt, tear and disintegrate? It not only looks messy, it is messy, as little paper and plastic bits actually flake off around the bathroom. At ZAYA, labels are made with constant contact with water in mind, so they stand firm no matter what. And then here's the kicker - they're still recyclable. Whaaaat?!?!

Take a closer look at the serious coolness of ZAYA:

As a urban dweller in the concrete jungle of a large, bustling city, I am over the moon to discover a product formulated to combat exposure to city pollutants. 

While everyone else is sitting under their wet silicone masks, go back to the basics with this phenomenal clay mask that features only the very best ingredients.

It takes just 1 tsp. of the delicate powder mixed with warm water and 15 minutes after application once a week to achieve fantastic results. And all with completely natural ingredients.  

Suitable for normal, dry, and sensitive skin, you can feel the nourishing and healing happening from application. That's thanks to a rich blend of natural detoxifiers, including organic oats powder, organic seaweed powder, French yellow clay, Australian pink clay, and organic coriander powder.

A gentle exfoliation takes place without you having to stand and scrub your skin raw, while simultaneously nurturing, soothing and toning your delicate dermis. It gets the blood circulating and skin cells renewing, so your skin looks and feels completely renewed.

And the red brick tint gives you a sun-kissed glow both while the masks sets and after you've rinsed it off.

While everyone else's skin dulls and dries out this winter, you'll arrive as if you've just come back from vacation. All season long.

The scent and texture of this daily moisturizer are what first captivated me. A heady, slightly forest-y fragrance and whip light, yet rich and silky consistency feels so luxurious and high-end.

Then there's the potency - made to perform with dry, oily or combination skin, these plant-based preservatives and emulsifiers go to work on your skin right away.

Oils of jojoba, raspberry, evening primrose, wheat germ and ylang-ylang mingle with vegetable neem tree wax (packed with anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory and healing agents), and Canadian willow-herb and honeysuckle extracts.

This rich blend of power players keep acne at bay, diminish pores, soothe any irritations, and regenerate skin long after application.

You'll notice how intensely hydrated your skin feels. Ooh, so plump and firm. It's been ages since it looked and felt like this.

You won't be the only one who notices, trust me.

- Body Oil

This is no ordinary body oil. This right here is a skin intervention.

The cold air outside and dry air inside can be brutal on your skin. This sumptuous daily body moisturizer ensures you'll have smooth, soft, silky skin well past ski season.

Comprised of only plant-based oils, it's not just nourishing - ZAYA Body Oil is a luxurious ritual you'll look forward to morning and night.

The eight oils have been carefully selected to not just soften skin, but firm and tone, so while the big eating holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas come and go, your body will stand strong, unflinching. That's right - just try and tempt me with those mince pies and cranberry loaves. Nothing's going to sway me from keeping this bod in shape this winter.

Take pink grapefruit and rosemary essential oils, for instance. They smooth and firm your skin while the energizing citrus scent enlivens both your skin and spirit on even the dreariest days.

Castor seed oil too, is a genius. This wizard not only promotes collagen production, it softens your skin and tackles age spots. 

Add in sweet almond, rice bran, macadamia nut, wheat germ and avocado oils, and you get a lavish, luscious body treatment that absorbs quickly (without a stitch of greasiness or having to waft your body around waiting for  your skin to dry before getting dressed), and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and cared for all day long.

This is one routine that is anything but.


Be sure to checkout the whole lineup available by ZAYA Oils. This is just a small selection of their extraordinary products, so shop right now and get the skin you've always wanted without compromising one bit of your health and standards.

Stephanie Dickison

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