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Going into sweater weather season, I'm excited for the onslaught of soft wool and merino, but I am mindful that these extra layers aren't always flattering, and can tend to add thickness. Ack.

That's why Shapeez are a must for winter. Their back-smoothing bras and body shapers get you all sleek and smooth without stuffing, squeezing and pinching you into an uncomfortable abyss like many popular shapewear brands. Which is why you'll never find me in those red-carpet bandages and corsets, and why I thought I was resigned to go it without the aid of any help.

So I was ecstatic to discover Shapeez. Not only do all their bras and shapers eliminate visible bra lines and back bulges, there are styles and sizes for everyone. The 12 styles include Essentials, Minimizers, Fashion, Push-Up and Active.

I went with the Demee Long. Take a look:

This all-in-one shaper gives you subtle slimming around the middle, while the bra section keeps your breasts up and at 'em, and invisible engineering works on eliminating any unsightly back bulges. 

Designed for those with breasts less full on top, the Demee Long delivers serious cleavage - which if you weren't blessed with round, melon-shaped breasts, it isn't so much a sexy thing as a everything-is-the-same-shape now sigh of relief. Pushed up and together thanks to a tiny bit of light padding, you can now rock a low cut top or just enjoy the fact that now your girls are no longer pinned down and squashed for no one, including you, to see.

There are so many genius aspects to the design:

- This bra with built-in shaper gives you a smooth back (I didn't know it was possible for bra straps not to bulge out before this) and tucks in your stomach, hips and back all at the same time.

- You never, ever, have to worry again about muffin tops or anything spilling out again. And yes, that includes your little buddha belly that you've been trying to ignore, but inevitably leads you to wear the same old thing that "camouflages" it, despite having already tried on 20 other tops/sweaters/dresses, etc.

- There's no annoying label. Materials and washing instructions are printed on the inside back. Thank you.

- There's also no annoying closure in front or back - just slip on and off over your head or hips. It's that simple.

- The combo of 85% nylon, 15% nylon ensures that you're in for a comfortable ride

- Nothing's riding up anywhere, no matter how far or wide you stretch, thanks to the no-roll hem. Hallelujah. Because isn't that part of the reason you abandoned most shapewear to date?

- Eliminating falling bra straps (because how many times have you had to pull yours up already today?) is reason enough to purchase any style of Shapeez.

- Bras straps may no longer fall, but don't worry - you can still adjust them to your desired length. And they're pretty too.

- Even the underwire under the cups is super comfy.

- In case it gets a little hot in here, no need to take off all your clothes. The cool, moisture-wicking fabric's got you.

- It's comfortable. It takes a little shimmying to get into, but once you're in, you're happy to stay all day. No pinching, just cinching I promise.

- The Demee Long's even got your back upper arm area covered.

- Ah yes, the element that suddenly you're all smoothed out and looking rather svelte, without feeling like you're suffocating and can't breathe, and the fact that now your clothes look and fit better, makes this one of the best fashion purchases you make all year.

- It might be working overtime, but that doesn't mean it can't be beautiful. I love the satiny crisscross across the bra's front, topped with deeply scalloped lace and finished with a delicate bow in the centre. Look,  just because you're trying to smooth things out doesn't mean you don't want to be sexy and feminine at the same time.  You don't want shapewear that's embarrassing - you want to feel good in it, as well as when you're taking it off.

- Choose black or nude. I was tempted to go for the black, but realized that the nude works with everything, including under white and other light colours worn throughout the year, so nude it is.

- Be sure to follow their sizing guide. You have to order this one two cup sizes LARGER than your actual measurement, which feels weird, but trust me, you want to get the right size. Shapeez is extremely helpful and you can chat live with a a Fit Specialist if you're unsure from the sizing guide online.

- It's also available as bra only in the Demee Short.


This season, whether yours dressing for a cocktail party or heading off for casual drinks with friends, you'll feel sleek no matter how many layers you've got on.

Isn't that just the best gift ever?

Shop Shapeez now.

Stephanie Dickison

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