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There are many things you should do in life:

- Take good care of your health
- Get enough sleep
- Stop working so much and go on vacation
- Love hard no matter what 
- Put down your phone and look around you
- Clean your makeup brushes

But sadly, we all lapse in a handful of these areas. I mean, when is the last time you washed your makeup brushes?


I thought so. Me too.

I don't know why because it's not hard task. It's just something many of us who aren't makeup artists ever do.

So to get into the habit, I got myself a Practk Palmat Makeup Brush Cleaning Tool that is both a visual reminder to clean my brushes, and makes it fun and easy in the process.

Compact, affordable and so easy to use, this little magenta textured silicone mat straps onto your hand and comes equipped with suction cups for hand-free washing up in the sink.

Go ahead and swirl your brushes around on the various bumpy textures - made with both small and large brushes in mind - on your soft squishy silicone mat with a little bit of water and some gentle clarifying or baby shampoo.

Removing harmful bacteria and makeup from your brushes is important. After all, some skincare issues and breakouts can simply be avoided by always using clean tools.  This little purple disc makes it easy to incorporate this task into your beauty routine. And it's so small, you can bring it with you no matter how far you're traveling.

The Practk Palmat ensures you never have to think, "Ugh, when's the last time I cleaned my brushes?" or feel guilt-ridden that you've never got around to it. It's just so easy now.

Shop Practk Palmat now.

Stephanie Dickison

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