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I wrote about Lipstick Queen back in 2007, before most folks had heard of creator and entrepreneur Poppy King and her epic lippies.

So it is with great joy and excitement that I present some of the latest shades from her collection:

Red lipstick is a coveted product, but boy can it be drying. And if you've already got dry lips (uh, hello), it can turn into a blotchy, splotchy kind of nightmare.

Thank goodness for Eden that drenches your lips in hydrating moisture - and not just upon application, but long past dinner, drinks and the Uber home in bridge tunnel traffic. 

That's right, this little beauty infuses your pout with mango seed and shea butters, vitamin E, and an array of oils - castor, vegetable, olive, meadowfoam seed, and sunflower seed oils - so you'll be ready for everything from insta selfies to serious smooches.

Then there's the colour. I am always intimidated by red lipstick, even though with my pale skin and icy blond locks, it probably really suits me. The challenge is in finding the perfect one.

Nailed it. I am shocked by the allure this juicy red creates. And how a smidge of green sparkle in the mix balances it out to create a flattering cherry crimson that's neither too bold nor too meek. It falls right in between - a classic, yet still ravishing shade that works everywhere from boardroom to bedroom.

There is little that makes an outfit look as crisp and finished as red lipstick. It just pulls everything together. Eden is the ultimate mouth-watering, ripe cherry on top.

- Jean Queen

"Still looking for that blue jean, baby queen
  Prettiest girl I've ever seen" 

- Rock On by David Essex, lyrics by Marc Bolan

Phew, it's not blue. I know, I thought it might be too. 

Instead, it is the most exquisite dusty raspberry, created to pair with any and all of your denim. How amazing is that?

The best part is that it's the most appealing shade whether you're donning jeans or not. Formulated for all skintones and ages, it is the consummate hue the oozes femininity and sophistication.

Falling in between bright pink and bold reds, Jean Queen is a serious upgrade from nudes and neutrals that while fine, are often lacking the oomph you crave. After all, you're wearing lipstick to make them stand out, if just a little. Its petal perfection keeps it from being the centre of attraction, or as found in some bold and dark tints - distraction.

Available in both moisturizing lipstick (Mmm. Shea butter, aloe vera gel, and vitamin E for starters) and gloss, JQ is the archetypal shade that you can wear all day, every day and never, ever tire of it. It's just too pretty (watch as it illuminates your entire face, no highlighter necessary). Simultaneously, it feels like a special occasion every time you swipe it on, as its the quintessential pairing whether you're stepping out in ripped jeans or shimmering cocktail frock.

Pop. Clink. Fizz. The hunt for choice lipstick is over.

Folks will say it's bewitching, but find it difficult to describe why.

Perhaps that's because you've kind of secretly got blue lipstick on. But don't worry - no one will ever know because it's impossible to tell.

Crazy, but it's true.

You'll especially question this when you experience the initial shock of seeing dark blue lipstick rising up from the bullet base. But don't worry, this navy isn't going to deliver a smidge of goth, I promise. 

In fact, this nautical looking tube delivers a very modern blue sheer that's imperceptible as it turns into a transparent, glossy magenta that's not just enticing - the blue tones make your teeth appear whiter.

More than a lip balm and less intense than full on colour, this bright, cheery fuchsia is the perfect antidote to dreary winter days and temps.


Get these fascinating, foxy, forward-thinking Lipstick Queen shades online and in Canada, exclusively in-store at Murale.


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