Introducing the NEW Bar Cart Essentials Series

Back in 2009, I discovered Veev, the world's first carbon neutral spirit. It was then that I realized how fascinating distilled spirits can be.

Now that we shop for striking bitters, vintage glassware and have rolling bar carts prominently on display in our homes, isn't it time we stocked them with not just rote bottles, but the stuff that makes you want to sip and savour? Even if you don't drink yourself, it's nice to have the good stuff on hand to offer guests.

This new series - Bar Cart Essentials - is all about the good stuff.

That doesn't mean outrageously expensive or a flavour trend that will burn out in a matter of weeks. These are the spirits you'll buy time and again. You can count on their quality and taste.

In my job as restaurant reviewer and food writer I have had the opportunity to sample a lot of great (and sometimes rare) spirits and cocktails. As a judge in recent Woodford Reserve and Rum Diplomatico contests, I have explored the depth and complexities of stellar spirits. I have had the wonderful fortune to meet and make friends with mixologists that take the art of cocktail making to the next level with grandeur, never pretension.

I want to stock my home bar with great finds that I can share with friends and guests.

These new and old bottles will make cocktail hour at home the place to be.

Stay tuned. 

Stephanie Dickison

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