Sweat Cosmetics - You Might Not Make it Through Your Workout but Your Makeup Will

Let's be honest - is your makeup standing up to the busy demands of your life?

Is your foundation outlasting your workout? Does it stay in place despite the record-breaking temperatures? Is it keeping up with all that action under the sheets or do you feel like have to wear heavy, professional makeup for actors that is meant to stay put under bright lights and steamy rooms? So much for the natural look.

I want to be able to go to the gym without having to take time out for touch ups or all out redos. And it would be great to have drinks on a patio without having my makeup melt.

All of this is now possible thanks to wickedly smart Sweat Cosmetics that was made for women like you and I that need a makeup than can keep up.

Sweat Cosmetics offers five options, including two that I tried: Mineral Foundation and Translucent Mineral Powder - both in a convenient easy-to-hold stick complete with twist up brush and a built-in SPF 30, saving us yet another step in out routine that we can really use for something else.

You brush it on and then get on with your day. Seriously, it's that simple.

Not only that, it holds its own under intense pressure. I have been wearing the foundation in our insane 40 degree weather (that's 104 in Fahrenheit) and I look the same as when I left the comfort of my air conditioned house. No running down my face or into my eyes, no patches (I can't believe how evenly it goes on with just the brush) - just beautiful, natural looking makeup.

After an all-out dance-a-thon before heading out for a night of drinks and revelry with friends (what do you mean you don't do that?), my makeup is still perfection.

Then there was that series of exercises that was based on ballet. Easy right? Uh, I was sweating like a boxer after only 10 minutes. But my makeup looked fantastic. 

Active doesn't have to only mean serious workouts. So if you lead a busy lifestyle (I don't know many women you don't these days) this high performance powder is for you.

I love that the Mineral Foundation goes on like a powder but has a radiant, dewy finish. That it has UV protection already mixed in so it's one less thing that you have to worry about. And the brush system is so quick and easy to use (it takes mere seconds) and dispenses just enough to give you light coverage, which you can then build up should you want more.

Both powders are so lightweight, I never feel like I'm wearing makeup at all so you won't feel weighed down (isn't your workout hard enough to get through?).

All formulas are made of only natural ingredients and are hypoallergenic and dermatologist approved. You don't have to worry about oil, fragrance, silicone or parabens, or that this makeup will clog your pores (your to-do list is already two pages long). Just put it on and hustle your way through the day.

The foundation comes jam-packed with goodness: all-natural sunscreen zinc oxide, super ingredient vitamin E, milk thistle that keeps your skin looking good after all that time in the sun, and rhodiola rosea that helps against the stress of the elements and increases elastin.

It's also portable so pop it in your clutch or gym bag if you want, but I never felt I needed touch ups or redos no matter what the temp outside or how intense the workout. That's because the makeup has been tested by Olympians and professional soccer players! So if it can hang on during a practice or game at that level, I'm pretty sure it's going to be just fine for whatever you get up to.

There are five shades available with the case completely refillable - just twist and click the powder onto the bottom of the tube and you're set. The brush is very soft and feels great on the skin. It's also 100% synthetic with an antibacterial coating.

Other products to shop for: Mineral Illuminator SPF 25, Mineral Bronzer SPF 25, Skin-Balancing Cleansing Towelette, Full Face Kit, and Gleam and Glow Kit.

Kim Kardashian West recently joked on Snapchat, "I'm officially pathetic!" for wearing full makeup for a workout. Uh, no joke - all she truly needs is Sweat Cosmetics. You too, so shop right now.

Stephanie Dickison

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