Rhodia & Clairefontaine - Paper Organizational Tools that Stand Up in Our Digital World

If you're like me, you're particular about the type of paper you use. Sure, in a pinch you'll use the back of an envelope to take down a number while you're on the train during rush hour, but in every day life you like a tool that was made for the job.

Rhodia & Clairefontaine are two of the world's best notebook makers. I sampled three styles available at Exaclair, Inc. that completely rock my world.

Get an closer look:

There are a gazillion list pads out there but it's extremely difficult to find one that is:

1.  long enough to accommodate all the things on your list (I always hover between 10 and 20 items) 2. and simultaneously wide enough to write more than two words (lists are work enough without having to think about abbrieviations) but not too wide (otherwise it may as well be a notebook). 

And while I know it's prettier to have a design at the edges, I need all the room I can get, so I prefer just the lines, thankyouverymuch.

The Rhodia No. 8 Pad - part of the R by Rhodia Premium Notepads collection (many sizes available) - is absolute perfection. The size works so well (3 x 8 ¼ "), I actually end up making more lists and then look forward to when the next one comes along (I am really organized now).

With 22 lines to fill, plus an extra space on the bottom (also available in graph), this right here is standout design and engineering. A list pad that really allows you to truly list it all.

Available in classic Rhodia cover colours black and orange

What a great way to inject some colour into your day.

The Rhodia ColoR Pad features a lined pad (also available in graph) complete with "soft touch" coated cover (you'll be smoothing your hand over it all day), available in eight fun, vibrant shades (because life really is too short to just have black covers). 

My premium notepad with purple cover comes with 70 cream-coloured wide sheets that are suitable for both work and home notes, with the top bound cover scored, so that it folds back neatly, allowing me to write to my heart's content.

The 90g ultra smooth, crisp ivory vellum paper is a sheer joy to write on - my pens and markers just glide their way across the page. This means I can also write for longer, because I don't have to use extra energy to drag my pen on the paper.

So watch your mailbox, there might just be a little hand-written note on its way to you soon.

Clairefontaine notebooks are outstanding in range and quality.

Just look at all the options of paper styles (French ruled!), binding choices, and the array of cover colours and patterns. Even Frida Kahlo makes an appearance.

I was excited about this particular notebook, because it's not often you get 8 tabs in a single notebook. The amount of organizing you can do with these blank indexes that alone is endless. 

Then there's the fact that each tabbed section is colour-coded in minty Easter pastels of blue, pink, yellow and green. So you can identify each section by it's colour.

The size I choose - 4 ¼ x 6 ¾" - is perfect and portable. Not too big to tote around or take over my desk space, but not too small so that I have the room and freedom to write.

And then the added bonus of graph paper. I am very new to graph, but I've been able to make the switch because of a single concept - the Bullet Journal.

I recently stumbled across this phenomenon a few months ago and have been (captivated) ever since. 

And while there are many notebooks that Bulleters favour, I started mine with the Clairefontaine Multi-Subject Notebook and I have to say - it is an ideal choice.

The super smooth surface is an absolute dream to write on. Bulleters are known for using thin-lined markers over regular pens, so I thought I'd abandoned by go to ball points and try it. Wow. Not only does it feel good, the 90g pH neutral, acid-free paper is opaque enough that the ink doesn't bleed through. 

Bullet journalers, take note of this unique find and extraordinary design. This might just change everything.


Just because you seem to type and text everything now, doesn't mean paper still doesn't hold a vital place in our lives. Especially when you've got these beauties keeping you organized and on task.

Stephanie Dickison

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