EOS Evolution of Smooth - Still Soft & Smooth After All These Years

The last time I reviewed EOS Evolution of Smooth was before most people knew about them. Before we all had their spheres of lip smoothers and soothers bouncing around our purses.

Having been so besotted the first time around in 2010 and 2011, I was excited to see what's new and what still captivates.  Take a look:

I had forgotten how stunning the shaving cream is. 

The rich, paraben and phthalate-free lotion slips on like silk, softening the hair and making it quick and easy to get smooth legs (aloe and oat extract help keep you from nicking your self and getting razor bumps).  It's so moisturizing you can actually shave without water, making it ideal for travel or tight spaces.

Look at your legs after you've shaved. Don't they look great? You'll notice they're brightened and your skin tone is evened out.

The vanilla scent I tried is subtle and warm, not at all pungent or sweet like many candles (also available in Lavender Jasmine and Pomegranate Raspberry).

And while shaking a can of foam every once in awhile is NBD, I certainly don't miss it. 

The body lotions are a new addition since I tried the line back in the day and I'm kind of addicted. I keep one in the bedroom and throughout the day I keep finding myself pumping out a bit to soften my hands, elbows and knees. 

Partly it's due to how soft it makes my skin (thank you natural shea butter, avocado oil and vitamin E) but also I love the texture - thin - and how absorbent it is. It disappears like that, but you still feel moisturized an hour later. The Delicate Petals light floral scent keeps drawing me back too.

Both Delicate Petals and sweet and fruity Berry Blossom come in two bottle sizes - 200ml with flip top cap and 350ml with pump. The long necked vessels are pretty enough to leave out on your bedside table, desk or counter.


Shop EOS Evolution of Smooth now and get soft, smooth skin from head to toe.

Stephanie Dickison

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