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One of the most beautiful women in the world had a whole face of peach fuzz. In fact, Marilyn Monroe used to slather her face with lanolin and Vaseline, both said to increase hair growth.

So it was with that knowledge that I always felt okay about my own fine facial hair along my cheeks.

But over the years, the trend has been "less is more" when it comes to body hair (except when you're talking eyebrows and a thick mane), so I thought it was time for a change.

Already having ruled out costly electrolysis (how much?!) and painful waxing (eek), I discovered a more affordable, completely painless option that also cleans and exfoliates your skin. And you don’t have to make an appointment at the salon or even leave the house. That's right - you get to do it on your own time when it’s convenient for you. Fist bump.

Say hello to miracle product DERMAFLASH.

Safe and effective for all skin types, this first-of-its-kind treatment is a revolutionary hand-held device that delivers the benefits of professional dermaplaning all in the privacy of your own home. Gently removing your peach fuzz and exfoliating your skin in just 5-10 minutes, it clears the way to smoother, softer skin for better makeup application.

The kit contains the light, easy to hold DERMAFLASH wand, power cord, charging base and six treatments - six edges, a tube of Prep cleanser (0.8 fl oz.) and another of Soothe hydrator (0.8 fl oz.).

There are also written and illustrated instructions. Just know they are a bit overwhelming at first (I read them a number of times before proceeding the first few times) and there are a lot of warnings about sharp edges and cutting yourself, which can be scary when your trying something new.

But the sculpted edge that you hold against your skin makes it easy to move it in short strokes without any damage. And the unique double sided edge allows you to go in various directions, so you can follow the contours of your face with ease. The proprietary edge is designed for delicate skin and are single use. The instructions are very clear not to go over any areas twice, so I found I wasn’t able to get everything off in the first go, but by the second time I used it, my skin was smooth as silk.

This is also in part due to the exfoliation that it delivers during the process. The dynamic duo of the razor-ish edge combined with a soft sonic vibration also gets rid of dull, dead skin cells, so your baby soft, naturally glowing skin gets the spotlight.

And while you might think shaving with a good ol' fashioned razor and shaving cream might be even better, thank again. Those razors are built for coarse male hair, not fine delicate hair women have on their face.

The kit also comes with a prep cream and a cooling, soothing gel for afterwards should there be any redness. 

I really didn’t think there would be much of a difference, but the before and after is drastic, at least for me. Here’s why:

- Somehow the fine baby hairs added just a smidge extra width to my face. As soon as it was gone, my whole face changed, looking immediately leaner and more sculpted.

- There is way more definition along my jawline, chin and neck.

- I discovered a faint indentation along my cheekbone that I didn’t know I had!

- Without that surface dead skin hanging around, I have a natural radiant glow before I apply any makeup.

- Skincare products penetrate my skin right away and make-up just glides on.
- The removal of the hair has definitely taken years off me. Without even touching anti-aging creams, I look about five years younger now.
- I actually feel better. Having the hair before didn’t bother me, but now that I’m hair-free, I feel much better about this ol’ mug of mine.

DERMAFLASH has completely transformed my entire face - the contrast is staggering. It's a whole new me!

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Stephanie Dickison

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