Terax Hair Care - Indulge Your Tresses in Luxurious Crema from Italy

It doesn't get much more luxurious than small batch hair care made with fresh ingredients from Italy.

Terax Hair Care, a family owned company for over 40 years, has a micro-focused line of just three fine products - shampoo, conditioner (in two formulas) and leave-in conditioner (with three varieties to choose from). Because when they're this smashing, what else do you need?

Terax puts in only the very best elements and leave out the bad (sulphates, parabens, artificial colours, and added salts). Only the good stuff here.

And that even includes all packaging, where recycled materials are used whenever possible and all bottles, tubes, caps, pumps, boxes etc. are sourced from US and Canadian partners.

Let's explore the line in more detail:

At first try, Terax Crema Shampoo might surprise you. After all, there's no rich lather. That's because the creamy vegan formulation gently cleans without sulfates. Your hair is cleansed of grime and product build up, but not stripped of its nutrients.

The scent is gentle and slightly sweet. Fruits and florals mingle. The texture is creamy and satiny.

I notice a big difference when I use this after a day when I have product in my hair (I try not to use any if I can help it, but my hair truly has a mind of its own and often has to be tamed). It's like Etch-A-Sketch: one day there's a squiggly mess and the next - after Terax - it goes back to a clean slate.

It also saturates your hair with hydration. And you're never going to believe how they do it. Quinoa proteins. Yep, the ancient grain that you have come to know and love (and try to cram into as many breakfasts, lunches and non cheat day dinners) is helping your locks retain their moisture, fix what you've done it this far, and then adds shine on top of it all.

Your whole hair routine just got moved to first class.

Also available in 34 oz. size.

Think of your hair at its most frazzled, when somehow it has gotten to the point of no return. Your only option, you heartily believe it to cut a bunch off and start anew.

Nuh uh.

Tangles? See ya. Frizz? Whatever. Parched locks? They're about to go on a flume ride of hydration.

The thick cream has an even more subtle and not as sweet scent as the shampoo. It sinks in and saturates your mane.

You thought it was over, but this is just the beginning.

Also available in 2 oz. travel size16  oz, 34 oz, and with added keratin (6.7 oz + 16 oz).

Leave in conditioners are such a blessing because it allows you to get a deeper treatment but still go on about your day without having to sit at home with your hair in a towel or cap.

And this one was designed to work with the Crema conditioner. Like pairing a salmon-coloured blouse with navy pants makes both colours pop, these two work in complete harmony.

Due to its low pH level, it works to fight your dry, damaged and outta control frizz while locking in moisture and colour. And it's gentle enough to use every day.

Recently, on a day when I hadn't used the shampoo and conditioner in awhile and my hair looked and felt like a bale of hay, I had lost all hope. In sheer desperation, I misted this delicate spray on my already blow-dried and styled. It turned it around. So just imagine how transformative it is when you apply it to towel-dried hair like you're supposed to.

Also available - Life Drops Leave In Conditioner and Shine Leave In Conditioner.


It's no wonder A-list celebrities, models and top stylists rely on Terax Hair Care. Now you can too.

Shop Terax Hair Care now.

Stephanie Dickison

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