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Even the most organized of us can get messy sometimes.

After spending time getting everything all neat and tidy, by the end of the week, my office and home are out of control. In the busyness and stress of the weekday, things get strewn about, and precious time is wasted looking for things that I normally have a place and home for.

After tirelessly cleaning up after myself for the umpteenth time, I realized I needed a stash and store system that I could rely on.

I knew I was onto something when I discovered Semikolon, the incredibly smart and stylish stationery and storage company out of Germany.

The premium quality of their sturdy environmentally-friendly cardboard containers and organizers (you're not still using plastic, are you?) - from photo albums to notebooks and storage boxes - will stand the test of time, and allow me to look and feel hyper organized while adding chic, modern style to my home and office.

The minimalist design with an staggering array of options and solutions, available in rainbow of contemporary colours, enables you to really customize and personalize any space. And should you be in need of a little change or lift,  change the look simply by mixing or matching colours. It really is that effortless and it's way more affordable that hiring a space planner or professional organizer.

The entire Semikolon collection is comprised of modern classics that will always be in style, no matter what the trend, or how you refurnish or redecorate throughout the years. And the unmistakable cream coloured trim adds a fine elegance and finish to each product.

First I set into getting my desk in shape. Although I rely heavily on technology (phones, tablet, laptop), my desk and side cabinet are always buried under piles and piles - and piles - of paper. Business cards and menus from the latest restaurants open in the city to my endless notebooks, stick it notes and pieces of paper with handwritten notes, file folders stuffed with ongoing projects, expense sheets and invoices... And that's just a small portion of it.

Here's what help me get sorted:

- Pencil Cup

The Pencil Cup in slate grey gathers together  all my pens and highlighters. The hidden "x" grid inside the square keeps everything upright and standing tall. The grid is removable should you need all the room you can get.

And and should you be so inclined, allows you to further organize and separate your writing instruments.

It is wider than most pen/pencil containers, which allocates enough room for the handfuls of different pens I have and actually use.


- A4 Paper Tray

Boy am I grateful for my new A4 Paper Tray in sophisticated marine.

Having an incoming and outgoing box helps streamline everything and in a pinch, lets you to sweep your desk clear, and put everything in one convenient spot (I won't tell if you won't).

And this is what I love about Semikolon - everything is made sturdier larger than you need, so that you have not only space to grow, but documents don't get jammed up in there, and it's not flimsy in the least, like you find with the office supply items most businesses use (I worked in a number of offices that used those rickety, ramshackle clear plastic trays that aren't any stronger than a plastic knife, and EVERY DAY I would put my papers in, and EVERY TIME it would collapse).

The tray comes in at 33 x 26 x 6 cm and the solid cardboard foundation and laminated cover makes placing and retrieving items a complete dream.

- Magazine Box

One of the greatest magazine holders I've ever come across is the Semikolon Magazine Box.

First of all, it's extra wide (32 x 30 x 10 cmmaking it possible to actually stash the entire contents of your most recent stop at the bookstore (or catalogues if that's your thing) or even just loose papers and jam-packed file folders. Because we both know that there's a whole whack of stuff we can hide.

Featuring strong thick sides, you'll never have to worry about the weight of the contents compromising your holder (sorry IKEA, but yours bend and fold like a Cirque du Soliel contortionist).

The extra berth paired with the deep elongated, rounded corners (almost art deco-ish) makes it a stunning choice for any room of the house or office.

And there's a dashing inset window at the top for a label, print or photo. Nice touch.

- Stackable Mini Tray

Have you noticed that when you're trying to tidy up, there are always items that you feel you should hang on to, but don't know where to put?

The stackable mini tray takes care of all those woes with its five large compartments that help separate and sort all those little things. There are four different sizes boxes within the tray, giving you space for everything from paperclips and elastics to Post-its and different sized notepads. And these are nice and deep (26.5 x 13 x 6 cm), so you'll never encounter overflow or spillage.

With built-in legs it stands on its own, elegantly raised from drawer or desk. Or stack them on top of one another for a more comprehensive storage solution.

Should you need something bigger and more prominent, the Open Desktop Organizer does it all and comes in a host of fun colours.

- Private Document Box

And the ultimate chic addition to any room is the Private Document Box. The oversized container (31.5 x 26 x 10 cm) would look clumsy had someone else designed it, but Semkolon's is simply debonair with its edged trim and sharp colours (you should get a bunch). Everything looks sleek and contained once inside, and access is no sweat thanks to the brilliant addition of a matching fabric ribbon tab at the front, and one added inside to keep base and top attached.

Because of the flap lid, you can neatly stack photos or documents but no one will be the wiser if it just happens to be a catch all for a messy bunch of "whatever" that you need to keep outta sight to not just impress guests, but keep your sanity. Out of sight, out of mind isn't just a cute saying - it's a fact.

Take a look at the latest decorating magazines, books and sites. People's homes and officers are unequivocally cleared of all clutter. Surfaces are wide and feature only the essentials. Everyone LOOKS organized.

You too can live like this. All you need is Semikolon.

Stephanie Dickison

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