Seamless Thread - These Innovative Undies Have Got You Covered

For a long time, lingerie and intimates companies have been focused on the problem of VPL (visible panty line) but one decided it was time to tackle another eyesore and visual atrocity - the you-can't-unsee-this camel toe.

Seamless Thread is helping women all over the world battle the unsightly bunching up in front look with undies so comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing them.

I never encountered the "frontal wedgie" problem as Seamless Thread calls it, until a recent redo of my workout gear. No matter how big I bought new capris, tights and leggings, there was some serious, uh, frontal downunder cleavage going on there. I ended up compensating by wearing the two really long tops and praying that no emergencies would occur wear I would have to take my shirt off and display just my sports bra and camelflage. It's bad enough having to sport tight exercise gear without having a big arrow pointing below your equator and outlining the well, outline.

Thank goodness for Seamless Thread and their innovative and effective design.

Made of 88% microfiber and 12% spandex, these panties are some of the most comfortable I've ever tried. No pulling, no tucking, no pinching, and no rubbing. And they have the added bonus of no VPL (because everything is fitted and on display these days) and a hidden liner (made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex) that acts as a shield against anything getting tucked up in there. You can barely detect it thanks to the cutting edge, custom cut silicone shape to the lining. So go ahead and don your tightest skirts, dresses, pants and shorts with the peace of mind that nothing will show that you don't want to.

I love the boyish modest cut of these briefs. The basic silhouettes are flattering and the material is not just comfy - it's lightweight, sleek. seamless, sexy and high performing too, so go ahead and get sweaty (how you do it is up to you). And while these might seem delicate, don't worry - you can still toss them in the machine (because who has time to soak hand wash these days?). Machine wash cold, hang to dry.

The Camel No Collection comes in a variety of styles and colours to choose from, and recently just added size large to its line (my bodacious booty thanks you). I really love the range of colours to choose from - from sedate to powerful, you can be as fashion conscious with these intimates as you are with the rest of your wardrobe.

The three styles are:

For thong lovers, the Jackie is a no brainer. It sits low on the waist but isn't revealing in the least. 

The bikini cut on these is awesome. The low-rise cut in front and cheeky design in back make them as sexy and playful as any pair made with satin or lace.

Inspired by Betty Boop, these panties offer the most coverage, in front and behind. Get them in a colour that pops and you'll feel invincible all day long.


Shop Seamless Thread now and rock every single piece of your wardrobe without fear of anything ever congregating in an unsightly cluster down there again.

Stephanie Dickison

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