OPI NEW Infinite Shine Summer '16 Collection - Pale Pinks, Peaches & Mauves Made for the Season

While your first instinct might be that brights are the only way this summer, OPI NEW Infinite Shine Summer ’16 Collection proves that neutrals can be just as captivating.

Debuting just days ago on July 1st, the six new limited-edition Infinite Shine No Light-Gel-Lacquer shades offer a professional three-step system delivering big-time shine and extended wear. Think the longevity and shine of a gel manicure, but you can put it on and take it off just like regular polish. The best of both worlds? Absolutely.

Take a look at all six shades:

- Staying Neutral on This One

An ethereal pink that pairs with virtually any material of any colour and all the metals - silver, gold and rose gold. It's perfect.

- Don’t Ever Stop!

Tipping the scales right between sand and salmon (more pink and chinook than coho and sockeye), the delicate pastel will have you dreaming of sun-soaked beaches and warm summer breezes. I'm deeming it "Vacay in a Bottle."

- Can’t Stop Myself

Peaches and cream nectar sweeps across your nails, completing your outfit with a sunny outlook for the rest of the week.

- No Stopping Zone

Dusty rose with a dollop of taupe adds deep sophistication and elegance, it's the darkest shade in the collection. This bottle is going to go fast.
- Hurry Up and Wait
Flattering no matter what. With a bit of peach, beige, and rosé in the mix, it's over and above plain nude and way more exciting than mere neutral. Blushed nails are now officially a thing.

- No Strings Attached

Palamino with a touch of blush, this soft pink is a refined, cultured colour that looks like suede with a shot of glimmering glass over top. This inspo will last all season long.

Just follow the easy Infinite Shine three-step system below and your gorgeous tips will last all week long:

1. Apply Infinite Shine Primer to ensure colours stay put and stains do not.
2. Select your gel-lacquer shade and brush on two thin, even coats.
3. Finish with Infinite Shine Gloss, a state-of-the-art gel polymer top coat that cures in natural light.

To take off, simply used regular polish remover.  It's that simple.

And you'll want to stock up on the limited edition trio pack of Primer, one Gel-lacquer (Staying Neutral on This One or Don’t Ever Stop), and Gloss. Or the dynamic duo of Primer and Gloss.

This collection works with your entire summer wardrobe and shows off your tan, confirming that nudes are just as stunning and sexy as any colour of the rainbow.

Stephanie Dickison

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