Latico Leathers - The Divine Nicoleta Tote Does It All

During the summer months, I need a bigger bag. Because the weather can change in an instant (sweltering hot to chilly, clear skies then torrential rain), it seems I am always toting around an umbrella and light sweater/jacket/scarf/pashmina. That's on top of a variety of items that sometimes includes my laptop or iPad, and and always encompasses: notebooks and planners, too many pens, a stack of menus (dine in and take out), letters and packages to post, books and magazines coming from or heading to the library, assorted makeup, headphones, shopping and errand lists, and well, you get the idea. It's a traveling road show. 

So I went in search of a bag that could hold it all, while still being structured and sophisticated. Requirements also include that it has to be stylish, but be able to go with a variety of different looks and outfits.

Fabulous Latico Leathers makes gorgeous leather bags that are made for you and I - Modern women (there's a men's collection as well) who want to look good, but also have to tote around a whole whack of stuff in order to have a productive, efficient and stellar day.

I found everything I wanted in their dreamy Nicoleta Tote.

Part of the enticing Austin Collection,  the 100% leather tote is much more fun than your typical carry all. First of all, there's the leather itself, a vintage-y, distressed look thick material that's soft yet sturdy, with impeccable stitching. This durable bag is going to outlast many of those crowding your closet.

I am captivated by the thin straps (just 1/2"). Strong enough to hold the weight of what I carry around on a daily basis, they are a delicate touch that adds real femininity. They are also a stretch longer than the Kate Spade Francis totes, making it easy to access your items without fuss.

Other standout features include pinking around the top hem and a thick swath of cut-out woven band in down the middle front. This intricate detailing along the top border adds interest and a graceful ladylike finish, while the middle ventilated panel adds an edgy cool vibe that keeps the bag looking too prim or plain.

I am just as crazy about the fabric lined interior. Thank you Latico, for not doing a plain purse liner. The bold black and cream zig zag diamond design is as stunning as the leather exterior. And a roomy zippered pocket inside makes grabbing keys, phone and other essentials quick and trouble-free.

Another genius move? The top zipper feature - something my other totes don't have, making it near to impossible to protect items during rain or snowstorms. Now I've got it covered.

And the spacious inside and wide flat base keeps everything together without it getting all piled up.

Five colours give you lots of style options: Washed Black, Distressed Brown Vintage Red, Crinkle Blue (pictured above), and Crackle White (pictured at top).

Other fetching totes in the collection include the Bowie, Michaela and Hawkin. And the Cameron clutch includes the decorative fish weave detail as seen in the Nicoleta.

Be sure to browse Latico Leathers other striking collections: CarnazaMimi in Memphis, Varick, and For Men. There are also a variety of handbags to choose from aside from totes, including backpacks clutches crossbody and shoulder Bags

And don't forget to shop accessories too. There's an array of luscious clutches and wallets  to choose from too.

A pretty bag is one thing. One that can also lug all of your stuff around and still look good is sheer gold. Shop Latico Leathers now.

Stephanie Dickison

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