Fresca Natural Deodorants - One of the Most Outstanding Products Also Comes with Health Benefits

Making the switch from a drugstore brand deodorant filled with toxins, to a natural, good-for-you one should be easy.

But finding one that works can prove difficult. Not one that just kinda works, but really does the job. Because you don't get a second chance to make a first impression. And nothing can right a bad smell.

In my quest to find a healthy alternative to aluminum-filled deodorants, I have tried sticks, pastes and sprays, but have had a hard time finding it in other forms.

I had to go all the way to Australia to find a worthy roll on. 

As you know, I am obsessed with the whole country - it's fine people, food, architecture, TV shows and products. Everything I've ever tried from Australia has been exemplary. And they are serious about being healthy and all natural. 

Founder Elda Kingston created the award-winning cruelty-free formula for Fresca Natural Deodorant at her home in Perth. Made of essential oils and aerated salt, it allows your skin to breathe without clogging your pores and sweat glands. Body odour just simply doesn't occur (the salt prevents any bacteria forming, thus no smell). and it's safe for the whole family to use.

And how cool is this - she still makes everything by hand in her workshop. 

Fresca Natural Roll On Deodorants contain no aluminum, parabens or alcohol. It's so easy to get ready in a snap - no having to get messy and spread it on with your fingers like many pastes. And because it goes on evenly in a thin layer every time, it dries in an instant - no waiting around, flapping your arms around either.

I was surprised to discover that there's no white residue either, something that happens with many natural deodorants. I was slipping in and out of black dresses, navy tanks and pink blouses all without a tinge of white anywhere. What a relief.

And it really does last all day. I tested these out on the hottest days (even my eyelids were sweating) in a variety of activities and I wasn't let down for a second. From working out to under the hot lights of stage and film crew, I smelled great from sunrise to bedtime.

A struggle I've had with both natural and drugstore deodorants in the past are the scents - Strawberry Kiwi? What am I, a cocktail?  That goes for passion fruit and any other ingredient you'd find in a fruit bowl. Lots are also made with tea tree oil that I find too medicinal and overpowering (don't even bother applying perfume - no one will be able to detect it). And baby powder? It's all you can ever smell on someone. Ugh, no thanks.

Sometimes the components of natural deodorants can cause you to smell. Oh no!

I want something that smells gooooood and makes me feel good and works all day (I know. It's asking a lot).

And Fresca Naturals delivers with all three scents I tried (there are a staggering seven varieties available). They even give you an aromatherapy boost. And here's the best thing - the scents are noticeable, but not at all cloying. Go ahead and and layer your body lotion, perfume, etc. - these won't overwhelm your senses at all. 

Here are  my latest discoveries and new favourite products:

Ocean was made for me.

This seaside fragrance enhances a clean, fresh feeling throughout the day and is energizing (when's the last time you said that about your deodorant?)

And juniper berry doesn't just smell great - it helps with a variety of health issues including mental exhaustion, fluid retention, blocked pores, and inflammatory skin ailments. It even has a tonic effect on your liver.  Cypress improves circulation and congestion.

In fact, I noticed a huge leap in my productivity and energy as well as a difference in my skin after using this.

All from switching my deodorant. Wow.

Ahh, lavender. This is a scent that I could live in forever. It's calming, soothing properties help manage the stresses of the day.

There is a big difference between this, the finest grade of pure lavender (lavendula angustifolia), and synthetic formulas. This is more floral and longer lasting. 

Blended with patchouli -with its tissue regenerating qualities - and geranium - balancing your mind, emotions, hormones, and providing stimulation to the lymphatic system - it's a power pack of health benefits, all rolled into one intoxicating scent.

If you want something a little deeper, the warm spices of sandalwood, cedarwood and carrot seed oil will do the trick. It's bohemian and sexy.

Working to heal skin infections, stimulate skin circulation, repair and tone skin, reduce scars and wrinkles and detox the liver, it's as much an anti-aging tool as anything else.


There's unscented if you prefer (also recommended for extra sensitive skin as it's enriched with vitamin E), as well as Citrus Fresh, Jaisara with Ylang Ylang and Valley Rose as well.

Fresca Natural Deodorants are one of the best products I've ever tried. They don't just prevent body odour - they improve your well-being and mood. All with 100% natural ingredients.

It's one of the best health decisions you'll ever make.

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Stephanie Dickison

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