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I am always on the lookout for natural looking makeup.

I know that may sound like an oxymoron, but I feel more comfortable when I don't look "made up." When I look like myself, but a better version thanks to products that helps me hide me flaws and enhance my better features.

That's how I discovered Canada's own FACE atelier, a brand of sophisticated, innovative cosmetics, suitable for all ages and skintones, with staggering results. And all so very easy to use.

FACE atelier is widely used by makeup artists (Billy B, one of the most sought after A-list makeup artists in the world, is a devotee of Ultra Foundation) and beloved by celebrities (FACE atelier was the official makeup sponsor for Kelly Clarkson and her 2012 Stronger Tour and Madonna’s Confessions Tour. It's also used on shows like Hannibal, True Blood, The Goldbergs, Rules of Engagement and Community).

The line is extensive without being overwhelming - it's easy to hone in on products you need. Like the carefully selected basics you've come to rely on in your wardrobe, this makeup soon becomes your go-to faves. Especially since they are also made without scents, flavours, and free of testing on animals. 

Here's what's currently rockin' my makeup bag:

Because I am pale, it is difficult to find a foundation that doesn't wash me out, but also doesn't create a dark line around my face and chin. Unearthing something in between often seems hopeless.

I am pleased to report that FACE atelier's Ultra Foundation hits the sweet spot. Here's why - they offer not one, but two pale shades (Porcelain, a cool shade with yellow undertone and Ivory, a warmer tint). Needing all the warming up I can get, I went with Ivory. With 16 shades, I have no doubt you too will find a matching hue.

Application is a breeze - it goes on super smooth and blends just as well. You can build up the coverage, but no matter how heavy-handed you are, this silicon-based formula always finishes pristinely with a satiny radiance.

Utterly weightless, it doesn't feel (or look) like you're wearing makeup at all. And it's so breathable. No clogged pores or weighing you down throughout the day like some foundations.

I absolutely love it.

I am not a diamonds and tiara kind of girl, but I do like a little shimmy and shake to my look. A little shimmer and highlighter helps me from looking too flat (with light hair and eyes, I can look quite dreary without a bit of sparkle).

FACE atelier Ultra Sheer's illuminating pigments give me a healthy glow, but not in a Dancing With The Stars kind of glitter bomb fashion. This fabulous oil-free makeup is also very intelligent. It works with your skintone, altering to what looks best on you.

Delicate and lightweight, you won't feel a thing. It gives your skin an ethereal finish that captivates, but never distracts. And like the foundation above, it's got a silicone base, meaning it's long-wearing and won't crack, flake or dry out, and thanks to glycerin and cucumber fruit extract, it's hydrating and cooling.

And here's a great pro tip - use it on its own "to accentuate shoulders, collarbones and d├ęcolletage." I'll try it out on my next date night or big event, whichever comes first. This is sure to stop 'em in their tracks.

- Ultra Camouflage Duet

Ooh, that can't be right. Those can't be my eyes with dark, sloth-like circles beneath them. I look like I just got slaughtered by UFC Fighter/Actress/Model Ronda Rousey.

I need something more than just makeup. I need a do over.

The brilliant touch of adding two shades instead of just one, is just one of the many things that sets FACE atelier apart from the rest. This colour-matched duo is made to pair with your Ultra Foundation - no stripes, and no white streaks either - and also wears for what seems like forever without chip or peel like dry paint.

And thanks for the head's up that I've been applying my concealer wrong all these years. I've been wiping it across my skin instead of patting it on. Wow, what a contrast. This is why I need pros to show me where it's at.

- Shimmer

I have small eyes and even smaller eyelids, so for me to wear eyeshadow, it needs to pop with colour and shine. 

FACE atelier's Shimmer gives me exactly what I need and in fact, gives me a pro finish, even though I am incredibly untalented when it comes to putting on makeup.

Aubergine and Snake Eyes go on so evenly, it's as if I've had a makeup artist at my side the whole time. 

The burgundy powder jumps with excitement like it's got mini sequins built right in, and Snake Eyes is a unique blend of brown with the added sizzle of green. They deliver a warm and unexpected sexiness. No need for accessories when you have these bad boys at your side.

- Lips

The wide range of lip products that FACE atelier has is impressive, From rich, nourishing lipsticks in 26 shades, 16 lip glazes and innovative products that help prolong colour, and fascinating fixes and fixers uppers like Lip Lock, Lip RX and Lip Putty.

Lip RX is a rich emollient lip balm that comes in clear, or should you want a bit of colour, select burnt sienna Sahara and the deep rose of Primrose. Ooh it feels good and my lips are smooth all day long - no need to reapply like most balms.

I don't know how I got by all this time without Lip Putty. By filling in all those fine lines. this lip primer gives you a more defined lip without or without product. And with a host of nourishing ingredients - shea butter, and seed oils including sesame and meadowfoam - working their magic, you also get hydrated, smooth, soft lips to boot. 

Same goes for Lip Lock. While the idea of having a long-lasting, transfer-proof lip product is dreamy, life doesn't always work out that way. This little saviour however, gives you locked and loaded lip colour so that while you're sucking back spaghetti carbonara, your pout will still look sexy as ever.

I like to keep my makeup pretty low maintenance so I never considered a setting spray. I thought it was for models, actresses and Insta-stars - anyone who spends a lot of time in front of the camera.

But after trying it, I see the appeal. Especially on warm days like today where you can feel like your makeup is melting or sliding off.

I realize now that preserving your makeup all day long actually helps keep it low maintenance as touch ups aren't as necessary. And this cucumber-scented mist cools and refreshes (there's no alcohol), reduces redness and puffiness, and adds hydration along with a drop of dewiness.

And it also helps you blend any makeup that you apply afterwards, extending your amazing look all day long.

- Facade 

Talk about multitasking. Facade works as a gel-to-powder blush that delivers a youthful, rosy glow and lip base for lip glaze and lip sticks. Because you are working harder than you've ever had to, why shouldn't your products keep up?


Makeup that doesn't make you look made up. Shop FACE atelier now.

Stephanie Dickison

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