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I noticed recently how utilitarian my makeup cases have gotten over the years. Chosen for practicality - clear see-thru for easy access - or without any regard for style and design  (just because it was designed for a flat iron doesn't mean it can't be repurposed), I was in serious need of a makeup bag makeover.

The collection of purses, cases and accessories at Emma Lomax London are full of fun and whimsy and add a pop of colour and chicness to my usually sedate choice of bags, shoppers and travel cases.

They are also shockingly not mass produced. How amazing to find someone - Miss Emma Lomax - who still hand crafts and hand embroiders whimsical accessories, totes, cosmetic, travel and pencil cases (she learned sewing techniques at  the Royal School of Needlework in Hampton Court Palace, from the same seamstresses who created the embroidery work on the wedding dress of Kate Middleton).

Feminine, girly themes - lipstick cases, big lips, bright red hearts - make their way across each product, each one finished by hand, making each one one-of-a-kind. Using a mix of wools, silks and cottons, Lomax still creates at the first samples by hand herself. Limited editions are then hand-stitched by skilled seamstresses in India.

The collection includes Canvas, Glossy and Metallics & Minis selections. And the designs are totes adorbs: loads of lipstick, yellow pencil and mani/pedi ready all done on thick canvas; and a pink buddha on silver backdrop. 

The array of waterproof clear bags were made for summer:

- I love me some lobster
- You might not have enough for Yeezy sneaks, but these trainers are way cuter
- Leaving on a jet plane is way more stylish now that you've got your orange plane at the ready
- And packing your gear for the beach? Don't forget your cool for the summer ice cream tote.

I'm currently swooning over the  latest addition to the line - the Lovely Lashes Purse Pink (also available in red and in pink & red rectangular toiletry bags). The heart-shaped accessory features a blushing gal with lashes out to here and a charming beauty mark (while the most famous lady to rock one is Marilyn Monroe, other dotted beauties include: Cindy Crawford, Kate Upton, Eva Mendes, and Jeananne Goossen, to name just a few). 

The Lovely Lashes lady is pretty and prim at first glance, but knows how to have fun and whip her hair when the occasion calls for it. She is a pro when it comes to putting on makeup but is a natural beauty at first light. And she just happens to look like my lovely friend Jennifer,  so it's like having her with me all the time.

The detailing on this bag is incredible. First of all, the lashes are 3D, so the fringe pops out from the bag's edge, making them all the more lifelike. And her preppy pink pout and distinctive mole reveal masterful stitching. The robust silver zipper is finished with a sweetheart charm, making it easy to open and closed quickly.

The pouch - big enough to store a couple of lipsticks and an eyeshadow, or keys, cards and cash - opens on the bias, giving you lots of room to get in and out of. The interior is lined in an gorgeous red lipstick print.

Utterly and completely irresistible.


Life is too short not to have fun and live it up. This bag reminds me of that. That just because something has a practical use - keeping your makeup from spilling out all over your purse - doesn't mean it should be fun, chic and a little bit cheeky.

So keep calm and carry on these cute hand-stitched bags and shop Emma Lomax London right now.

Stephanie Dickison

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