C is for Clean - Sumptuous Scented Cleaners That Do It All. Naturally.

A lot of people in my life mistakenly believe I enjoy cleaning because my house is always fairly spotless (note: that doesn't mean it doesn't get messy).

The fact is: I prefer to live in a clean house so I clean. And like many women, I can't concentrate and/or relax until my environment is cleared out and wiped down. But other than a few small jobs, I actually don't enjoy it.

What makes washing, scrubbing and scouring tolerable for me is great cleaning products that work effectively and efficiently.

But I have noticed lately that while I love the look and smell of a clean house, some of my cleaners actually don't smell all that great and a few still have ingredients that aren't good for you, me, the environment, our pets and kids. Ew.

What has completely changed the game for me is C For Clean All-Purpose Cleaners.

Here's why:

1. These all-natural wonders don't just get all your chrome and countertops gleaming - streak-free! They smell so good, you get serious aromatherapy while you're wiping down surfaces and appliances. Just remember to give them a shake before using - you want all that goodness mixed around, not settled at the bottom.

2. The range of scents is such a welcome change from the usual lemon and orange varieties available at the supermarket, and these products don't contain any of the toxic or carcinogenic ingredients that are found in your usual all-purpose cleaners. I recommend getting a number of bottles so that you can choose your scent based on your mood or job.

3. Aesthetically, these are perhaps the cutest bottles ever. The adorable matching gingham bow around the neck makes them worthy of being set out of under the sink,  and the seriously sturdy white bottles always look smashing, and the fabulous accompanying white pumps are so comfortable, never pinching or cramping.

4. When is the last time you've been able to use an all-purpose cleaner on mirrors without smudges and cloudy streaks? It's rare for sure. And it does practically everything - stainless steel, hardwood floors, granite, leather and much more, which means less money spent on various cleaners for specific jobs and more room to store other stuff. These products are not recommended however, for marble, unsealed stone surfaces, and computer/TV screens because of the vinegar component.

5. And here's the best part - the formulas were created by Chef Maggie McKeown (From Food Network's Recipes to Riches and Donut Showdown), made with real, fresh ingredients from old recipes from her grandmother's cookbook with a cleaning section at the back. The recipes are simple - distilled white vinegar, water, floral water, witch hazel distillate, essential oil and pure vanilla extract - but man are they effective.

6. Free of toxins, dyes, BPA, petroleum byproducts, these made in Canada cleaners are a wonderful addition for home, office, school and wherever you want clean surfaces that also imparts an addictive, yet completely healthy, dose of aromatherapy.

See for yourself:

- Lime & Ginger

The zesty, zingy fragrance of Lime & Ginger makes it an obvious choice for the bathroom. The lemongrass-esque fragrance instantly energizes and revives me.

No doubt you'll be singing in the shower and into your hairbrush with this in hand.

-  Pink Grapefruit

This sunny scent was made for the kitchen.

The bright citrus notes also invigorate me. It's so easy prepping a meal or doing the dishes now that it smells so good.

And I use it on everything from range hood to ceramic cooktop, granite counters and tiled floors, stainless steel sinks to painted wood shelves.

- Lavender & Vanilla

Oh how I love this one. More lavender than vanilla, the tranquil scent soothes my soul immediately.

The first time I used it, I wiped down my glass tables and metal shelves in the living room and when I finally took a break to sit down, the feeling of being in a spa took over.

I look forward to cleaning so much with this, I've been cleaning every other day (crazy),  and always make sure to spritz around my bed so that I can savour the cool calm at night too.

p.s. I didn't try these, but there's also Sweet Orange & Lemongrass and Pine & Lemon Myrtle. Mmm...

p.p.s. I didn't know Chef Maggie was the creator when I discovered C Is For Clean, but I'm here to tell you: I ate in a restaurant of hers years ago a number of times and can attest to the fact - she's a great cook of other things too!

Shop C Is For Clean now.

Stephanie Dickison

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