The Happiness Planner - Countdown to a Brand New You

"Our mission is to inspire people to live a purpose and passion driven life and to find happiness from within."

- Mo Seetubtim, Founder of BrandMentalist and The Happiness Planner

In speaking with friends and colleagues lately, I've come to realize how beleaguered many of us are. To try and achieve a life/work balance these days is near to impossible, work has become more demanding both in terms of time and energy, and trying to foster our current relationships (never mind try and make new ones) can feel like an uphill battle never to be won.

The key to changing this, I believe, is to focus on the good stuff. The blessings, the wonders, the beauty, the love that surrounds us. Because there is so much goodness out there and if we just point our energy towards the joy, cheer and sheer bliss in our lives, the rest falls into place.

That's where The Happiness Planner comes in. More than a mere time-management tool, this thick journal comes packed with pages you fill out with the daily necessities such as your schedule and to-do's, but with the added bonus of a place to record what you are excited about, exercise, meals, main focus and what you hope for for tomorrow.

The genius here is that it's all loaded onto a single page, presented side by side, so there is no longer a need for a planner and a journal, a schedule plus a notebook. You now have just the one central location where everything of importance and meaning is recorded. And it's all contained under one very beautiful gold embossed pastel hard cover.

It's much more sophisticated than a mere gratitude journal.

First of all, there's the exquisite modern style, which features thick sumptuous covers in an array of feminine hues (because we only want to use delightful and pretty notebooks, right?) and thick, quality paper that stands up to our writing. It even comes with its own matching cardboard slipcase so that it looks just as stunning when you put it away on the shelf. Sigh.

A Weekly Plan set onto one page provides you a bird's eye view of your week, giving you a blueprint for how to effectively prepare and proceed. 

Then there's the streamlined design of the Day Pages, cleverly segmented that allows you to simply fill in the blanks. Bringing together your schedule - which is of utmost importance of course - but also aspects that are just as, if not more important, in your life, this guided structure allows you to capture what's key and then get on with your day in a focused, effective, and spirited manner.

Included is an inside pocket, because Founder Mo Seetubtim knows that despite going digital, we've still got bits of paper everywhere.

The undated 100-Day Happiness Planner is a good way to test out if the system is right for you. After all, 100 days to track your progress feels like much less of a commitment than having to sign up for a whole year. It also gives you the room and flexibility to begin when is best for you. Because not everyone is wired to begin anew on January 1st.

If you're not likely to record daily (nothing wrong with that), there's a planner design just for you: the 52-Week Planner. It's weekly-based without daily and monthly pages, so you can track your goals, dreams, and road to extreme happiness without feeling the intense pressure of having to write everything down every freaking day. 

If you're hyper-organized like I, am starting with The Happiness Planner, - available dated from January to December, or the academic version that goes from July to June - is the way to go. I also love the extra detailing on these ones: gold corners, spiral bound format, multi-coloured graphic cover. Stunning.

No matter what version you get, once you start tracking life like this, I think you'll find it very hard to go back to just recording appointments and deadlines like you used to.

Setting goals and working on self-reflection doesn't feel like extra work when it's contained within the same pages as your schedule.   Daily inspirational quotes help keep you on task, and thanks to all the focus on goal setting and gratitude, you suddenly feel you're moving and growing. 

Instead of feeling the weight of a burdensome  schedule, deadlines and to-do's, there's an excitement and energy that builds because you are really working towards something. And along with it is a wealth of gratitude. Which changes everything. Because having a positive outlook and attitude, you can see past difficulties and roadblocks, and in fact, they become hurdles that you almost can't wait to overcome.

The Happiness Planner helps you focus on the things and people who matter most, and it quickly becomes clear what's not working. Cutting out things that hold you back is now possible. You have the strength and wisdom. Tracking your food and exercise along with your appointments gives you an irrefutable look at your health and where improvements need to be made. You gain resilience through the process, unwilling to give into things that aren't important to you. 

A life coach on paper, complete with a Happiness Roadmap that helps you focus in on what makes you happy, The Happiness Planner is a life changing tool. With this in hand, changes occur quicker than you'd expect, reflection and immense gratitude become a daily habit. An explosion of energy and positivity erupt from within.

Work and life are not as separate as they used to be, and a schedule shouldn't just be a time tracker, but a plan for what you want to achieve and who you want to be. The Happiness Planner brings it all together in one joyous journey to become a better, happier, you.

What are you waiting for? Shop The Happiness Planner now.
p.s. Also great tools - Change a Habit in 30 Days Notepad and Get Fit & Healthy Notepad - that enable you to track your actions and record your accountability for where your time and energy are going.

Stephanie Dickison

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