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I have been a lifelong Estée Lauder girl, so discovering The Estée Edit, with periennial it-girls Kendall Jenner and  Irene Kim at the first guest editors, is thrilling.

It's great the have such vibrance and youth to the esteemed brand and to be able to focus on products relevant to this age range (for those looking for slightly older icons, Victoria Beckham will launch Victoria Beckham Estée Lauder this September).

I really like Kendall's look and range of styles. With intense eyes, broad shoulders and legs up to here, she has confidence and bravado, but she isn't afraid to show the world that she's more than a pretty face, and as flawed as the rest of us. How refreshing.

From bare to edgy to glowing skin, The Estée Edit - available exclusively at Sephora and Sephora Canada - the line includes 30 carefully curated products with something here everyone, no matter what age or style.

I was one of a lucky few to meet the amazing and beautiful creator of The Estée Edit Sarah Creal, when she was in town. As beauty obsessed as you and I, she shared her favourites from the collection and showed off the immense range of groundbreaking, game changing products from skincare (black Mega Chlorella Algae Cleansing Barto makeup (Eyeshadow Palette, designed and signed by Kendall, complete with two shades that work in black light - club night just got way more fun).

The line encompasses energetic, innovative beauty solutions that are still aligned with Estée Lauder's principles and quality, but have an added exuberance.

Their lip collection is particularly boss:

The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder Lip Flip Shade Transformer comes in two shades: Turn Up  - yellow to brighten your lipstick, and Turn Down - black to darken it.

I suggest you get both, because we both know that you have drawers and cupboards full of lipsticks that aren't quite right, but you keep them because you spent all that time and money choosing ones that you thought looked good but out of the bright lights of the store, they look dreary or way too bright.

These two problem solvers take your same ol' same ol' full coverage lipstick and take it up or down a notch, giving new life and possibility to all those shades you thought were useless. They boost the potency of the colour with a high-pigment satin matte formula. You can even achieve an ombre lip, which elevates date night forever.

Should you want to take your non-matte lipsticks to the non-lustre side, this is a quick and easy fix.

The formula, free of parabens, is immensely nourishing, so you're never left parched and dry.

The packaging is as stunning as the results. The corrugated dense metallic blue metal case is ravishing. You'll want a dress in this shade as well as assorted home fixtures.

Best with brights and bolds, it still works with other colour ranges. Just don't pair with stains or glosses.

The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder Mattified Lipstick

This is the ideal lipstick to pair with your shade transformer. Full coverage, high-impact matte means you get a standout pout without a glimmer of shine. And thanks to a formula infused with 20 percent conditioning oils (including one of my faves - jojoba) your lips stay hydrated all day.

The creamy mixture goes on super smooth and feels luxe and extremely light. With 12 shades from the soft pink of Maybe Later to You're Welcome - a true red, you're covered for the season.

p.s. The corrugated dense metallic metal case is even better this time around, with the blue dissolving into silver. Drool.

Also a must-have:

The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder Pink Peony Overnight Water Pack

This instant skin refresher delivers a surge of hydration and moisture to your skin and comes equipped with a captivating peony scent that's to die for.

The unique water-gel compound seems to encapsulate a rush of water, vitamins and antioxidants that slides across your skin and sinks in immediately, leaves you feeling instantly refreshed. But there's much more to this wondrous product.

Used at night or during the day as a mask, this water pack delivers not just nourishing hydration via hyaluronic acid, but the ingredients (including pink peony and an array of berries - blueberries, cranberries and gogi berries) give you a radiant glow and buttery soft skin.

One try is all it takes to get seriously hooked on this inventive overnight beauty solution to dry, dull skin.


Shop The Estée Edit by Estée Lauder right now, available exclusively at Sephora. Because the times are changing faster than ever and this collection doesn't just keep up - it moves at the speed of light.

Stephanie Dickison

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