Plant Skincare - One of the Best Things You Can Do for Your Skin

My skin just got better, brighter, and healthier in an instant thanks to Plant Skincare.

This carefully curated collection of products out of Australia is made from the heart and earth.

It's also made fresh to order, so you're never getting an item that has been sitting on the shelf for months or years even - Plant Skincare products come with a date stamp from the day it was made. What makes it even more remarkable is that the shelf life isn't a mere few weeks, but it's good for an entire year (you'll have used it all up well before then, trust me).

Using high quality oils and herbal infusions along with plant-based, food-grade emulsifiers, you get a superior experience with stunning results, all while never having to sacrifice your skin or health. And just because Ekrem and Tamara are using all natural ingredients in their products, it doesn't mean there's not a wealth of science behind why they choose certain items. Check out the power of just the single ingredient of hazelnut oil:

"Hazelnut Oil is a pore-reducing oil that balances sebum and reduces the risk of break-outs and blackheads. With its natural nutrients, flavonoids, and antioxidants, hazelnut oil has a rejuvenating effect. Over time, with regular use, it helps skin to appear more youthful reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The skin feels soft and plump."

And that's just one of many ingredients used in their products. No wonder they pack a serious anti-aging wallop.

The other thing to note is the stunning packaging. The packaging and design is not just clean and modern, but creative and alluring (I have found this to be true of all Australian products I've reviewed, and in all the Aussie TV I watch. I am slightly obsessed). The cleanser is wrapped as carefully and perfectly as a gift bought in a Japanese department store. The moisturizer tin is tightly fitted into a sleek, black cardboard base. I actually hesitated opening them for quite sometime because I didn't want to disrupt the tranquil beauty.

Take a closer look:

The thick, hefty puck the diameter of a compact, with ridged top and bottom, feels so good in the hand.

But it's nothing compared to when you whip up a rich lather and cleanse. It cleans without drying and also rids all traces of makeup - even the truly stubborn stuff. Effective and yet oh-so-gentle.

Using oils [sunflower (high in vitamin E), castor, coconut, grapeseed, and olive], organic chamomile, and honey from Plant's own hive (!), your skin gets the VIP treatment all without having to leave the comfort of home.

I couldn't believe the instant difference it made in my complexion after just one wash - instantly evened out, brighter, clearer and smoother. It completely transformed my skin, and this was before applying any products.

I actually liked my skin just as is for once (is this why Australians are so gorgeous without a stitch of makeup?). It was so clear and pretty. Suddenly my eyes looked greener and my lashes darker. Wow. Who knew skin could be like this?

The moisturizer was just as outstanding. 

Again my skin glowed and smoothed. It became plump, supple and infused with a radiance. I swear I dropped a number of years all before 8 a.m. just by using this. 

The thin cream boasts oils of rice bran, pomegranate seed, hazelnut, sweet almond and olive that never verge on greasy. It sinks right in and get to work immediately. That punch that wheatgrass packs when you drink it? Imagine that powerful force on your skin. With  92 minerals and 19 amino acids, it works on all your skin issues. And it takes the smallest amount to make such a huge impact. This tin is going to last and last.

Ooh, it not only feels good, but thanks to lavender essential oils, it smells good too. Despite it being a relaxing scent, I felt buoyant and exhilarated. This is due to the fact that my skin looks outstanding but completely natural. I am seriously tempted to slather my entire body with this miracle lotion because who doesn't want all their skin to look this captivating (Revitalizing Black Tea Body Mousse has probably got this covered)?

p.s. Plant recommends you keep it in the fridge to keep it fresh. I did not upon my first application but I advise it as well. It feels so good cool and it will help to maximize it's shelf life.

p.p.s. My cream was so runny that when I unscrewed the lid, it spilled out onto the counter. It is still quite liquid when cold, so please be cognizant of this when opening and closing the tin.


There's an entire line of stellar, life-changing, skin-altering products awaiting you, so what are you waiting for? Shop Plant Skincare now.

Stephanie Dickison

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