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You aren't still using drugstore deodorant are you? Sigh. We've talked about this.

It's bad for you. Not just your skin, but your overall health. Chances are it's loaded with aluminum and other toxic ingredients.

So make the switch now. It's not too late.

A fabulous place to start? Lone Deodorants by Lone Bodycare.

First created by Mr. Isely back in 2009, with dead sea salts and other good-for-you ingredients, he crammed it into old, empty, plastic easter eggs and gave it to his eight (!) kids to try out. They were convinced by the formula and its fabulous results, so much so, they have carried on the tradition. The youngsters have since advanced the formula and changed the container, but it is still essentially Dad's solution to a very common problem - how do you keep odour at bay without chemicals?

This amazing product is made  with the purest of ingredients in small batches, without any aluminum, parabens or triclosan (read what David Suzuki has to say about it). It is a healing, soothing balm made of precipatated dead sea salts in distilled water, saponified organic coconut oil, candelilla wax, vegetable emulsifying wax, grapeseed oil, organic coconut oil, jojoba oil, witch hazel, carnauba wax and sodium borate.

I tried Unscented, but there's Citrus and Mint should you wish for a fresh scent to go along with your day. It goes on smooth and stays put. There's no wet feeling or crackly dryness. Actually, you won't notice it much at all (except soft TLCed skin), and that's a good thing. that I like that there's no having to reapply it - just one swipe and you're good to go for the rest of the day. No fuss, no muss, and no toxins either.

So go ahead and sweat it out at the gym, in the sun (with serious SPF on, natch), or between the sheets - Lone Deodorant has got you covered.
Also a must - hand poured Lone Lip Balms. With a base of nourishing organic coconut oil and other emollient oils (hazelnut, wheat germ, jojoba), a dollop of beeswax and some cocoa butter, your lips get a serious infusion of love and softness. Using housemade extracts, each balm  has its own scent and healing properties.

- Are your lips in need of a good sloughing? Then Polish with vanilla sugar is for you.
- Heal Lip Balm with spiced pepper gives you a naturally bigger pout.
- If you are prone to cold sores, Soothe enhanced with fresh melissa extract will help what ails you.
- Savor's warm chai tea scent will cheer you on evert the gloomiest, rainy days.

I got to try Hydrate, which was made for my eternally dry lips. It softens upon application, but doesn't just last for a few minutes - I go through the whole day of  eating, drinking, writing, talking, dancing, teaching, and working out without having to reapply it.

I love that it's packed with oils, but isn't oily in the least. While you can of course rock it on its own, it's a fabulous moisturizing base for lipstick. Having fresh, hand cut vanilla beans that are extracted in organic coconut oil is such a luxury but don't worry - the scent isn't close to cloying. It's just a subtle note you'll notice from time to time.

It's time you gave your medicine cabinet a serious overhaul. So get products made with love that are nothing but fabulous for you and your body right now at the most wonderful Lone Bodycare.

Stephanie Dickison

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